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    Hi guys! I thought I would just start a topic on how the auditions went for everyone.

    It goes without saying that “Many Congratulations” are in order for those of you who got through to the next round, and best of luck for the future stages.

    I was a little dissapointed this year to say the least : ( Let me share with you if I may x

    I wanted to send in a video clip, but the only one I have ever had filmed of me singing belonged to someone else, and they didn’t seem to want to share it with me! I havent got a decent phone that films, or a camera which films for more than 20 seconds! lol! I have audio, but didn’t think that would suffice.

    So I resigned myself to the “old fashioned” go and queue option 🙂 It worked last year, in the glorious sunshine of the O2, first time of auditioning and I got through 3 auditions, but got a no letter just before the new format of judges in front of the live audience. I was happy I had at least had an exciting journey, and felt good that the Executive producers told me they liked my singing and to never give up.

    However this year, the story was a little different. The audition was at the ExCel on Sunday 2nd May, Bank Holiday weekend, oh dear! a bad omen weather wise! I had my trusty companion Chris by my side when I set out at 3.30am to get in the que for around 5.00am!!!

    There were already in excess of 150-200 people in front, probably kipped the night by the look of it.  The sky was grey, for the first hour, then it turned an awful shade of black and absolutely fell down, and it stayed that way the whole day!

    Everyone was absolutely drenched, the water was beginning to creep up soggy jean legs, and turn previously beautifully groomed hair into something resembling my spaniel after he has had a roll in a rain soaked meadow! myself included : )

    The film crew decided to join us at bout 8.30ish and were really trying to get our spirits up, by getting us to twirl and lift our brollies, but after the usual “London’s got the Xfactor” bits and trying to convince us to start a chorus of “Singing in the rain” which was, not surprisingly, met with loud Boo’s and a chant of “Let us in!!”  Even Dermot only made a very quick appearance, (not silly is he? : )

    They finally let us in, and we were shown to a large “warehouse like” place to the left of the front doors, shown seats and then told that the auditions would be starting very shortly.

    Panic set in as the realisation dawned on a few thousand (mostly) girls faces (although I admit there were a handful of pretty boys who looked a little worried too) that the usual 2 hour make-up and hair revival session would not be applicable today! To top it all, there was only one block of toilets available to us, with about 20 toilets, and only a few metres of mirror to serve the masses of tweaking hopefuls!!

    Busting for the loo, squelching along in my soaked attire, with bag in hand I attempted the battle of Waterloggedloo, and secured a cubicle with probably as much water on the floor than there was outside, wrestled to relieve my legs of my drenched jeans, boots, socks etc. and emerged out of the cubicle in a way that “Superman” does from the telephone box when he makes the transformation from Clarke Kent : )

    But could I get near the damn mirror? I seized a good place on the end, victoriously I bent down to retrieve my make up from my handbag, and as I got up, a gaggle of pretty teenagers claimed my tiny area by depositing their “Huge” collection of cosmetics on the basin area and preceeded to nudge each others elbows to get the best spot for applying the all important eyeliner.  Sod this! I thought, I will go back and do it at my seat!

    Upon returning from the ordeal of the loos, I tried to regain that freshly applied face look, in a mirror the size of a Wagonwheel.  The back of the top that I was wearing was still wet, and I began to get the shivers. My nose running like a tap, my teeth chattering, I was soo unbelievable cold I could not even begin to think how I was going to get through this audition.  The “Whoops and cheers” were coming from the front far more frequently than was comfortable for us ten rows back, as the scores of somehow perfectly groomed individuals from the front row jumped and leapt into the air brandishing their golden tickets, you had to remind yourself that this was not for a tour of Willy Wonkers! We wondered if they would have any tickets left by the time we got there 🙂

    My row was called, my now aching body somehow made it up to the front and followed the line of other hopefully waiting in line, untill the young girl next to me and I were shown to the farthest away booth.  She went first, and sung like an Angel, (she’s in for deffo, I thought) not so, she was in there for 1min tops.  I felt completely deflated for her, as her number was removed and discarded.  Me now, … focus …. oh dear! a woman judge on her own, who did not look very happy to be there.  “Who are you?” she asked I replied as cheerfully as I could. “What are you singing?” she said.  I told her, although I had changed my song soo many times its a wonder I could remember what I was singing anyway! She looked at her clipboard “Off you go then”.  So where was the little chat about why I entered, and who I was?  I started to sing, my throat was killing me, my voice was no way up to its usual standard, how could it be after the bloody morning I had had? I chose the wrong song, although it did get me though last year, I had learned new ones that I was going to use, but somehow my mind went blank (probably due to it being slightly chilled!) and I just said the same one as last year! Why?? I felt sick to my stomach.  I have worked so hard to improve my voice, and won competitions throughout the year, but I could feel this slipping away from me.  She smiled, and I thought for a millisecond, OMG! Then she said those words . . . “Sorry not this year”.  The words sliced through me like a hot knife. Noooooooo, please! After all this! ? (What a Drama Queen!! lol!)

    Just shows you, it just depends whether you get a judge who likes your voice! It also helps if the weather is kind to you. Last year I didn’t feel I even tried that hard, and got on really well.

    If only I had managed to get a bloody video done, I could of saved my voice from that weather, and my confidence would not have had such a massive knock!!!

    Please share your experiences too, good and bad, we can have a laugh/cry together xx


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