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    I decided I will start a new topic, the more topics the better.

    Recently I bought from Bid UP TV a hand held steamer. I watched it advertised many times before deciding that it is exactly what I wanted. Tiles in my kitchen often get grubby with splashes from my pans and sometimes the bathroom sink or toilet could do with a good clean (not that I am an unclean person). I made up my mind that I was going to purchase the steamer that would do much of the work that I might be too lazy to carry out. The price went down to £11.99 with P&P at £7.99, in total £19.98. I had a bargain and could not wait for it to arrive. This was only last week. A friend happened to be visiting, having a coffee, when the delivery man arrived. I was so excited at the prospect of opening my parcel and explained to my friend what it was. “Oh David” he said, “I have being trying to sell one exactly the same for £10.” He still had it and even went home to collect it so that I could see it was exatcly the same. I had thought about returning to Bid UP TV what I had just bought but then realised that it would cost me about £4 or £5 P&P. I bought the one from my friend and will use the one from Bid UP TV as a Christmas present.

    Have you experienced any ‘Sod Law’ moments? I would love to hear about them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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