The ACTUAL “X Factor 2012” Judges Call Back dates – starting 15th May!!!!!!!!!

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    Every post on here has got some of the dates wrong, so here they, the OFFICIAL dates as posted on Applause Store, in event order…(bearing in mind they do about 20 acts per show…I know this as I’ve done this myself a few years back.)

    CARDIFF – 15th May (1 show only)

    LIVERPOOL – 23rd May (1 show only)

    LONDON – 26/ 28/ 29/ 30 May (1 show per day)

    MANCHESTER – 5/ 6/ 7 June (1 show per day)

    GLASGOW – 11th June (2 shows per day)

    I know people can get called a few days before the audition, when I did it 2 yeas ago I think I got called about 5 days before. But on the day of the big audition I met a guy who got a call about a week after his last audition and he was told to bring lots of friends and family and ask them to make banners in support…so I knew he was more of a favourite of the producers than myself. (He made it through to bootcamp incidentally and I didn’t.) So personally I only want to go through this year if I hear within a few more days and get “special” treatment like he did. I don’t want to go through all the angst for the sake of it!!! Know what I mean? I only want to do it if the producers REALLY want me ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

    My last audition in London was on Thurs 12th April…I was thinking if they were REALLY excited about me I would have heard by now…but then they DO have Cardiff and Liverpool first so…what is everyone’s thoughts/ past experiences/ friends experiences of getting THE CALL?? (I hate that once again I am torturing myself over this…why do I do it???)

    Good luck everyone…and regardess of when you get The Call, just knock em dead in the audition so they HAVE to put you through! ๐Ÿ˜€ Xxx PS KEEP US ALL POSTED AS THE CALLS COME IN!

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