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    We’ve been watching [[Hung (TV Series)|Hung]] fairly religiously on Shout, but something I want to discuss here is the love triangle between Ray Drecker, his ex-wife Jess, and her new husband Ronnie.

    Is Ronnie a paycheck?

    As the second season has got underway, Jess has been conflicted between Ronnie and Ray. Ronnie represents amazing stability due to his job as a dermatologist, but he’s controlling and a bit of a cretin. Ray, on the other hand represents almost a lack of ambition, but Jess comes to see him as representing a good time in her life when she was happy.

    Increasingly, it has looked like Jess needs the relationship with Ronnie – for financial stability, and as a way of defining herself. But does she love him? It doesn’t look like it.

    Is Jess selfish, and Ronnie the victim of a woman who doesn’t know what she wants?

    It strikes me with Jess, that she’s a “grass is always greener” type of gal. When she was with Ray, she craved the higher income and support that Ronnie brought. Now that she’s been suppressed by Ronnie, she’s craving the freedom that Ray always gave her.

    The topic came up with her daughter Darb, who was furious with her mother for allowing herself to be defined by her relationships with men. That she’s not a complete person without a husband or boyfriend.

    I think Ray is drawn back to Jess for the same nostalgic reasons as she’s drawn to him – theirs was a relationship borne out of being guileless teenagers in high school, whereas Jess’s relationship with Ronnie seems less motivated by passion and more a career move for a woman who defines herself by the callibre of man on her arm. Surely that’s why she almost turned to prostitutes for passion – because it was absent from her marriage?

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