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    hey has anyone auditioned this year online in december time? i have and had a very weird experience. i was very excited to hear that i could audition online. so right when i had the chance, i recorded it. but the website was so glitchy at times. for example, after you audition, it would show a picture from your video (so of you in the video), but sometimes it would just be a grey icon with a camera in it. and there are two sections labeled ‘my auditions’ and ‘open auditions’ the video once submitted goes under the ‘my auditions’ section and tells you it has been submitted. so i managed to get my audition in a little early. anyways as time progressed i watched my video over and over and even changed the song one or twice. one day the icon went from my video clip, to of just the grey icon. but i re recorded my video anyways. then another time it was under the ‘my audition’ section saying it was being processed i didnt know what this meant because last time it did that it was because i had an unfinished video because i had to reset the browser. this was all while the auditions were still open. then after it closed it started to get really weird. the videos are said to be private. but out of no where, my video had suddenly got over 30 views. several other people had this happen to them too.  so i just wanted to know if anything like this happened to them. and if they had gotten contacted. they said that from the online auditions, you will be notified saying if you will be sent to the next round. but i dont even know what the next round is! live auditions? open auditions which will lead to the live auditions? because the booth auditions lead you straight to the judges round. no quite sure about the online ones. so im kind of nervous. i was thinking just in case, to do a booth audition and a open call audition as well. we’ll see

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