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    I’m avidly lapping up [[Ashes To Ashes (TV Series)|Ashes To Ashes]] every Friday night right now. If you’ve been watching the series since Life On Mars days, you’re bound to have a ton of theories about what happened to Sam Tyler and Alex Drake.

    There’s been lots happening on the show this series – Alex and Shaz both seeing stars (although did they have the same halucination?). Do the stars suggest something celestial?

    The arrival of Jim Keats has us second-guessing Gene Hunt himself. But would the series dare to paint the Manc Lion as the villain after all this time?

    And…what are those “glory moments” all about? They’re happened to Shaz and Ray Carling so far: in Luigi’s, after a successful sting operation, Hunt praises them and then the background fades to black and Life On Mars begins playing. Chris could’ve had one of those moments this week, but I think his beating of Daniel Stafford cost him.

    So: theories?

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