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    For the first time I’m actually really pleased that the auditions are over.

    Towards the end Manchester did pull out the stops, with a few good auditionees. Sadly these were to few for me to consider that this years X factor competition is going to be any good.

    I also have a few qualms about the purpose of the X factor 2010 if its not to find a voice that is a unique and exceptional. As so far I would say I’ve heard none and yes the auditions are finished and the likelihood that I’ve missed any is nil.

    I am also a bit concerned that again the show is looking for a dancer as the choreographer seems to hold some authority with this programme in its making, when really it should be about finding a singer.

    A few serious misfits are through this year which I gather is more for tv value than talent in the same way more of the bad auditions were televised and many good ones missed. I just don’t get it, why the television company has placed greater emphasis on showing the viewers so many bad auditions at least 7 in ten were rubbish that is 70% and this is far to high.

    Again working singers gave the show a miss bar one 28 year old Richard who was not on top form for his audition telling the judges he wanted to have some fun and not just be boring. As a classical singer myself, I know exactly what this man meant. As the show lacked in the variety of singers, no blues singers, no real soul singers, no jazz singers, no gospel singers, no musical theatre singers, no classical singers, no crossover singers, no contemporary singers. So much for the X factor that the only singers going through were wanabe pop stars and even at that they weren’t very good.

    It is very sad that this show which takes a massive investment to produce is proving to be a waste of time for real singers, and viewers who have now become picky about what they watch. Indeed it does seem Skys alternative talent show is performing better this year than the X factor.

    The X factor now has a truly difficult task ahead and that is to retain and develop further viewing statistics that are an improvement against the recent fall of 1.5 million fewer viewers.

    How can they put this to rights?

    How can they give us a quality show at such short notice?


    Ageing tart 

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