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    I wen’t to see this on Monday and could barely contain myself, having been around 2 years old when the first movie came out I’ve grown up with these films and characters, they are a significant part of my childhood so a chance to relive it all once more certainly wasn’t going to go amiss. I was a bit skeptical at first, it seems almost tradition in the film industry for a third movie in a franchise to struggle to keep up the quality of its predecessors and sometimes even spoil the enjoyment of the first two entries in the series, and for this to happen to something that I keep so close to my heart would’ve been crushing. However, not only does Toy Story 3 meet the standards of the first two exceptional films, it exceeds it by a very wide margin and contains everything you could expect and want from a threequel.


    Andy, the caring and imaginative owner of the toys from the first two films is now 17 and heading off to college, as a result of his maturity the toys find themselves collecting dust for what appears to be quite a long time, this rings a bell with the audience immediately, Pixar clearly appreciates that the majority of the people queueing to see this film are those who were children when the first two films were released and have now grown up and have been or are about to go through this experience in their own lives, making the character and the toys just as relatable as they were in 1995. This also allows the film makers to take the story into much darker territory than in the previous two films, after a series of misunderstandings the toys find themselves being donated to a nursery that at first seems like heaven on earth but is in fact more like a prison run by some more than creepy toys (the big baby character is more than likely going to be responsible for a drop in children’s baby doll sales) that the toys have to escape to get home to their owner before he leaves. There are some surprisingly intense moments in this film, much more than in the previous two, one scene near the end of the film where the toys’ fate is uncertain had me literally on the edge of my seat.


    The film ultimately provides exactly what any 90’s kid could hope for from this, nostalgia, laughs, and tears, the ending is probably the most perfect ending to a trilogy I’ve ever seen, and I will admit that I was highly emotional during it as well as the majority of the audience. It was an experience I will never forget as the film gave so much closure to a series that I have adored for nearly my entire life, I left with every emotion satisfied, I was somewhat drained in fact after it. Also, at the end of the film the entire audience stood up out of their seats and applauded this wonderful piece of cinema, how often does that happen? It’s certainly something ive never seen in a cinema and it was a great feeling. So I’d highly reccomend this, to anyone, and if you enjoyed the first two there is absolutely no reason not to go and see this.

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