Was the Outlander season 1 finale the most harrowing finale ever?

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    We just got done watching the last two episodes in Outlander‘s first season this week. Perhaps if we were readers of the source books, we’d have had some inkling what was coming. Ready to talk about it? Let’s get spoilery.

    So Jamie finally got captured by the English. And almost got himself hung until Black Jack Randall came along with a last-minute reprieve. Except, by the time Randall would be finished with him, Jamie would have thought the noose was the more merciful death.

    Here’s where it all gets harrowing: After a botched rescue attempt from Claire, Randall uses her as leverage to get what he wants from Jamie – his tartan-clad body. Black Jack smashes Jamie’s hand with a hammer, and delirious with pain, Jamie’s no longer able to fight back. What follows is a drawn-out rape scene in which Randall mentally and physically tortures Jamie and spends the night in the cell with him.

    If that isn’t bad enough, the season finale revisits Jamie’s night in the cells and sheds new light into what Randall did to him. It’s clear that being raped by another man has had a devastating effect on Jamie’s mental state. He’s traumatised, and it’s shaken him to his very core. Worse still, Randall invoked the idea of Claire so that Jamie was aroused throughout the whole experience. Things got so intense, my wife left the room before the end of the episode. She’s not entirely sure she’ll be coming back for season 2.

    Did it seem to anyone else that Randall’s treatment of Jamie was a mixture of infatuation and sadism? He wanted to exert power over Jamie, but at the same time, he was also a little bit in love with him?

    Also, do we think Jack Randall is dead? Last we saw, he was struck by a door collapsing under the weight of 19 stampeding cattle. Is Randall dead, and if not, how much harm can he do if Jamie and Claire are in France?

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