Were you disturbed by Natasha’s Story line? Do you think Nick Platt is a pratt?

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    How thin skinned is Nick’s character in Coronation Street. First his relationship with Leanne ends up at an abortion clinic and Leanne in this tear jerker Corrie admits that seeing a three peice suite priced at the same price of her abortion, had left her with a void for Nick who had helped her there.

    Than we have Gail Platt who has already gone through a murder trial because of some detectives trying to notch up cases solved and maybes a promotion or two. Now released with her case quashed. Returned to living back in the street with two wasters for sons.

    What next does the amazing Gail do but breach Client confidentiality and then has the audacity to break her news about Natasha to Nick. 

    So Ok, she isn’t pregnant a blasted good escape that one from the waster and arrogant nob that he is. But silly foolish Nicola thought that she would trap her man by pretending to be pregnant and now its all gone pear shaped, she has decided she doesn’t want to live anymore.

    So we have a suicide attempt on alcohol and tamazapan an antipressant. Some good role modelling here, for future mums. This story though I found disturbing not just because Nick was not worthy of her affections but how weak minded a few people can be when they feel they are in love with a rat.

    So now Natasha lies in her hospital bed we have guilt from those that had written her off, even her employer admits they should have been showing her affection not a p45. We have Gail still ranting on about how this is holding Nick to ransom and that Natasha has mental health issues, come on folks, anyone courting a Platt would have mental issues.

    As the soaps writers are looking for people to write out, I would like to put the Platts up for an early exit, and if the show addressed the story of the mental health issues that could be a good story line, to follow through,  if it showed a positive road to recovery.

    The exit of the Platts could be via a public enquiry into how confidential information was leaked into general public knowledge and being guilty of trying to protect a rat of a son who is more than capeable of doing this for himself. Gail should be sacked with no recourse for complaint as a result of her breach of contract and confidential data information.

    What do you think?


    Ageing tart

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