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    We’re currently in the fifth season of [[Dexter (TV Series)|Dexter]] – an utterly unmissable show about a serial killer who works as a blood spatter analyst for the police.

    I got told about the show a couple of years back by a work colleague and became glued to it over time. But my question today is – what’s been the best season of Dexter? Let’s jog your memory…

    1. Season 1: We discover all about Dexter, his relationship with Rita and his habit of tracking down and disposing of killers the legal system doesn’t have the power to deal with. His big ‘adversary’ in this season is his brother, Brian Moser who went to the length of almost killing his adoptive sister Debra before Dexter finally finished him off.
    2. Season 2: In order to cover his tracks, Dexter pretends to Rita that he’s a recovering addict and begins attending counselling. But he begins a torrid affair with his sponsor which looks likely to unmask his secret slayings once and for all. His ‘adversary’ is Lila, a pyromaniac. Oh, and James Doakes dies in a tragic exploding shack incident.
    3. Season 3: The season in which Dexter befriends assistant district attorney Miguel Prado and reveals his secret. But Prado gradually becomes unhinged and Dexter is forced to finish him off before he reveals their nefarious partnership.
    4. Season 4: The series which introduces Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer. A serial killer who’s been operating under the radar for 30 years, but who Dexter discovers is also married with a family. At the same time, Dexter’s family commitments are tougher than ever with a newborn baby and he begins to be sloppy in his work.

    Personally – and this may be because we recently watched Season 4 in 2 and 3 episode sittings – I think Season 4 was the pinnacle of the series so far. It was explosive, with big cliff hangers and a sloppy, raging Dexter who was totally out of control. He was on the verge of being discovered once or twice, and the twist with Arthur Mitchell was simply brilliant. Killing off Rita at the end of the season was a total game changer, as we’re only beginning to discover in Season 5.

    But over to you guys – what’s been your favourite Dexter so far?

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