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    Metallica - Ride The Lioghtning album cover

    Since the digital revolution, album artwork seems to be dying out. I remember back in the day, when an album cover was an absolutely essential part of the listening experience. Sprawled out across my bed with the inlay from a CD fanned out and reading all the dedications, what guitars and amps the guitarists used and so on.

    So, album artwork was pretty important to me. I was wondering what your favourite album covers have been over the years.

    We’ve got the obvious – like Abbey Road by The Beatles (the most important zebra crossing in pop culture), the awesome Appetite For Destruction cover by Guns N’ Roses featuring the skeletal faces of all the band members laid out on a cross.

    Metallica’s album covers were always an awesome talking point – whether it was the illustration on classics like Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets or the inexplicable “Black Album” in which the logo and illustration were only just visible.

    Iron Maiden and their use of artwork by Derek Riggs, Def Leppard and their classic Hysteria album cover, Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell albums. And that’s just rock and metal.

    So, over to the rest of Shout – what are your favourite album covers, and why?

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