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    Hi everyone, I signed up just to ask a question, I’m hoping someone or more than one person can help me out!

    Okay, a very long time ago I sent a video of a music performance by myself and a friend to apply for auditions. Later on I received an email asking me to go to the open auditions in Liverpool. 

    I wasn’t overly excited as I know how these shows work and experiencing Britains Got Talent auditions before with the same friend I knew that you queued for ages to be seen briefly (and more than likely not get through).

    As soon as I saw the email I knew I wasn’t going to audition. First because I didn’t feel I wanted to and Jake, my friend was away at Uni in London so wouldn’t have been able to make the audition.

    A few weeks back I checked my voicemails on my mobile. Here’s my first question. Did anyone receive phone calls asking them to audition? Literally a few days before the Liverpool auditions I received a phone call reminding me and saying that they’d really like us to audition. Obvisouly as I got this voicemail late I didnt’ go.

    I wasn’t too dissapointed and just thought it may have been a routine call. However today I received another call and they were telling them that they’d really like us to go down to Cardiff and audition on Saturday.

    I said I’d get back to her and let her know and she gave me her number and said I’d need to get back to her by tomorrow evening at the latest. I just wondered if anyone else had received these calls?

    When I ring back I’m going to ask a few questions about whether they are just hoping to up the audition numbers or they are genuinely interested in us. I think it would be pretty unfair to try and persuade us to go down to Cardiff to audition for us to be turned down even if we put in a good audition as it would cost us a lot of time and money.


    Wondered if you guys could clarify the issue before I ring the lady back and ask her a few questions. Would love to know if anyone of you had received these type of phonecalls – are they really ringing up 100’s of thousands of people personally?





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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