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    I’m a experienced front man for a seven piece party/dance band, but an unexperienced auditioner who has a couple of questions that haunt me related to my X Factor audition.  I sang three songs for my judge and was then given a no.  My questions to those who have more experience auditioning and better auditioning outcomes are as follows:

    1. I went into the audition with about 11 hours of sleep total the previous two nights, travelled from a humid climate in Alabama to a dryer climate in Texas, had a 13 hour wait to perform (including five hours in the sun), and warmed up on three different occasions (I didn’t know when I was going to audition). Should I assume that I was probably in good-enough voice to pull off the audition or that the preceding circumstances could affect my audition enough to make a difference in how the judge reacted to me?  I didn’t think that I was in good voice, but have sung plenty of times feeling that way and managed to get by without people noticing.

    2.  I am very confident (perhaps naively so) in my ability to entertain through song & dance, energy, and a relentless desire to please the crowd. I know vocalists who can out-sing me, but I don’t feel that they can out-perform me. I wonder if I was deluding myself in thinking that I would have an edge over the thousands of auditioners who don’t dance and/or who don’t have the experience that comes from fronting a band for years?

    I’d love to get opinions or one or both of these questions.  Thank you!

    P.S.  I’m in my late 50s but look young for my age. I dressed up for the audition and started off by singing House of the Rising Sun but had to stop and re-start after one line because I was in the wrong key .





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