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    So one night I was just hanging around at home and my brother calls me up and is like “Jake you have to try out for X-Factor this year!!!” And I go “They’re over and done with (auditions)” and he told they’re were last chance auditions and to make stories short I did them I was just wondering WHEN DO YOU HEAR BACK FROM THEM?? AND HOW DO YOU???? uggghhh I have been obsesively checking both my emails, my mom’s email, my brother’s, my phone, my facebook, my x-factor profile everything and nothing and there is literally nothing on when they get back to you and how they get back to you and I’m just sitting here like…..DEAR LORD PLEASE LET ME JUST KNOW IF I DID OR NOT!!!!! ^sorry for rant i’m just really anxious soo….yeah please let me know love much

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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