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    Well we have heard the first themed week.

    I tend to feel they don’t work, for a number of reasons.

    This is music in a can, seems a rather an apt description of it.

    Modern, loud, bigged up, sound system, drowning out the contestants attempts to sing. The whole show needed toning down to a more acceptable level to allow the contestants a breather. Toning it down might have allowed them to be truly heard instead of the enforced screaming and belting that is customary when in competition against electronic sounds that is far to loud.

    Also the results show has now become a showcase for previous X factor contestants to air their single or album efforts. Last week Joe McEldery this week Diana Vickers.

    What did we think of it?

    It was loud, it was energetic, it was choreograhed, it was not musical to the ear.  Again, we have influences from the American music industry impeding on what should have been a British sound Diana Vickers from my memory on the show was quirky to begin with, but then when each week became a quirky effort I bored of her efforts.  I’d much rather hear a straightforward song well sung and I didn’t get that then and I didn’t get it today. 

    The only good thing I can say about Diana’s performance is that it sounded live and that she was exhausted after it. 

    So unlike Katy Perry though, who looked like she was miming throughout.

    I couldn’t say I liked either song, I can’t remember any tuneful reminders of what they went like at this moment and it is only some 4.5 hours since they were on the TV. So neither song was memorable or distinctively good.

    Unless things improve the music really has died.


    Ageing tart

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