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    X STANDS FOR??? Week by week i’ve heard presenters and the like as part of the x/xtra factor shows try to define what X stands for. it’s been to mean.. entertaining, something different, quirky,seemingly new,’the it’-quoting the presenter on the xtra-factor-( ‘the it’which we all know used to be a hollywood saying years ago for great stars like Gene Kelly, Rita Hayworth, etc..) but i thought the presenter on the xtra factor was refering to Wagner; and he certainly doesn’t have what Kirk Douglas or Tony Curtis have as performers.!SO–What would anyone say that X STANDS FOR? I’d say it has no meaning that i can gather from all involved in the shows. and as for ‘the it’ by the xtra factor presenter; then i would say it therefore means a 2 letter word only like DO!(pronounced DOH! like Homer Simpson)As she certainly didn’t define it……IT: meaning:an object of an indefinite sense. Then maybe X stands for blurry/ undefined. Because there seems to be no meaning for X Factor …does anyone agree with me that therefore means the talent search is therefore for nothing of any meaning?

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