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    Not, this is not yet another Doctor Who post from Gerard. I’m thinking of medical doctors today.

    The Observer ran a piece about the top ten TV psychologists this weekend, and it got me thinking about our favourite fictional doctors. There are so many hospital dramas on air that there have to be quite a few medics that we all love to watch.

    Here are a few of mine:

    • Gregory House: I love House. I love that he’s unorthodox, anti-authoritarian and a generally cantankerous soul. And despite all his failings as a human being, he still manages to help people. even if he doesn’t like them very much.
    • Perry Cox: Yep, the wise-cracking, equally-damaged doctor from Scrubs. He’s been a joy to watch since the first episode to the last, whether he’s calling JD girls names or verbally sparring with his toxic wife.
    • Dr Julius Hibbert: Only one doctor can deliver a terminal diagnosis with an endearing chuckle, and that’s Julius Hibbert. He’s looked after the Simpson clan since he had an afro and he’ll continue to patch Homer and Bart up as long as the show continues to run.

    What about you lot – any favourite telly doctors?

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