Fountains Of Wayne ready new album, Sky Full Of Holes

Fountains Of Wayne will be gracing us with a brand new album this summer. They release their 5th full-length album Sky Full Of Holes on 1st August 2011. 

About time too – it’s been four years since the geniuses behind Stacey’s Mom released an album. Sky Full Of Holes featured 13 tracks, written and produced by founder members Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger. Pre-release blurb suggests that there’s a great mix of high-octane power-pop and more laid back acoustic work on the album.

Skip to the end of this post to listen to a sample of one of the songs, Richie and Ruben, which displays a wonderful bit of storytelling from the band. Other tracks, such as Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart and Cemetary Guns are described as “impressionistic”. 

In addition to being produced by Collingwood and Schlesinger, Sky Full Of Holes was mixed by longtime collaborator John Holbrook, who also worked on Fountains Of Wayne’s Welcome Interstate Managers and Traffic And Weather. The album is being released on Lojinx in the UK and Europe, Yep Roc in North America and by Warner in Japan.

Sky Full Of Holes track listing

  1. The Summer Place
  2. Richie And Ruben
  3. Acela
  4. Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart
  5. Action Hero
  6. A Dip In The Ocean
  7. Cold Comfort Flowers
  8. A Road Song
  9. Workingman’s Hands
  10. Hate To See You Like This
  11. Radio Bar
  12. Firelight Waltz
  13. Cemetery Guns

Have a listen to Richie and Ruben

Fountains Of Wayne will be touring in the USA during July and August. Fans in the UK and Europe can catch the band this coming November.

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