Frankie’s Gone- Who Will Return Tonight?

So it has been another controversial week for The X Factor! Frankie Cocozza was kicked off after breaking one of X Factor’s Golden Rules. The producers have since decided that the four contestants who were booted out the first week by the judges would now face the public vote and one would return to the competition!

Frankie has been a ‘different’ type of contestant for the X Factor, with his wild antics, sleeping around and heavy drinking. He showed off his ‘bum’ at the first audition and showed 6 girls names that he had been with tattooed to his bum. This was all harmless fun and he seemed like a great character. When he sang Goo Goo Dolls ‘Iris’ at Boot camp it returned to the top 10 and he did a great version. He even sang well at Judges Houses and everyone knew he would make the live shows. After the first week it all went down hill. During his videos at the start of his performances, we saw him going out getting drunk and not even turning up for practice. Often the judges would just make silly remarks such as ‘he’s young’ but it didn’t seem fair when other years they would NOT have got away with it.

He ended up in the bottom two on the second week after a bad performance and even Gary told him he had deserved to be there. He had one more okay week then the last two have been terrible. After initially being liked by the audience, he would be booed after his performance and it seemed like he thought he was a ‘rock star’. After surprisingly getting through on Sunday, it was announced on Tuesday he had been axed for the show. As it has turned out he has been meddling with drugs (Cocaine) and he had therefore broken one of the major rules.

So now we have four contestants waiting to find out if they will sing tonight and get a lifeline back into the competition 5 weeks in. I don’t know if it’s entirely fair as they could really go on to win the competition when the others have had to work hard.

Could Amelia do it? I think she could. It caused a huge stir when she was booted out anyway as she has a great talent. Her voice reminds me of Pink or Christina and she could do some great performances. I think if she gets through she will stay for several weeks and who knows maybe she could even win.

Could Jonjo do it? I don’t think so. His performance was weak during the first live show and he didn’t come across as someone who could have a great career. I like his personality I do and his judges houses performance was fab but I don’t think he will be back in the competition.

Could 2 Shoes do it? They are lovely girls and Essex will be supporting them but I don’t think so unfortunately. They are highly likeable but we didn’t get a great chance to hear their voices on their first live performance so I think people think they are a comedy act but if Essex gets behind them who knows!

Could James do it? I don’t think so. He is a lovely looking guy and his voice reminds me of James Morrison or Paulo Nutini but he isn’t very well known and he wasn’t shown much during the auditions or boot camp process. But maybe if the young girls vote…

So should be a great show tonight and looking forward to seeing the judges battle it out again. I think it will be Kitty’s time tomorrow to go home.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Well, you called it, Jo! The poll over on Unreality TV had been suggesting that Amelia would be the act who returned.

    I thought she proved herself brilliantly last night – we really needed someone to come on and prove that they can look and sing like a popstar. I just hope that she gets a chance to do something uptempo next week and show us some dance moves. There are so few of the original contestants that I think would be successful recording artists.

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