Frankmusik: ‘Confusion Girl’ Single And Video Review

  • Song: Confusion Girl
  • Artist: Frankmusik
  • Album: Complete Me
  • Release Date: 3rd July 2009 (IRE), 6th July 2009 (UK)
  • Genre: Electropop
  • Peak Position: TBA (IRE), TBA (UK)

SONG REVIEW:                                                                                                              With bouncy Summery synths, the tune is an excellent pop ditty from start to finish. The lyrics deal with poor Frank being confused by a girl and vocally, he performs this well splipping in and out of falsetto to show this. My only complaint is that he’s a little bit difficult to understand at times, in other words, his singing style isn’t exactly clear. But I doubt many of you will care as when his voice reaches Mika-length proportions.

So my final verdict is that for all the electropop singers that are crowding the charts at the moment, there is something rather appealing about Vincent Frank and this quirky little song is commercial enough to reach the Top 10 for sure. My fingers are crossed that the man achives this at least!


VIDEO REVIEW:                                                                                                               I’m absolutely loving the video for this song. It’s fun and quirky and shows that Vincent Frank really is an artist to look out for as his creative ideas are really out there. It also stars Australian actress, singer and all-round sex bomb Holly Valance whose cast as Frank’s love interest. The setting of the video takes place on a normal London city street but its made that bit more interesting because Frank seeming has the ability to fly! Yeah, check it out if you don’t believe me! And guess what? Apparently if you grab a bunch of balloons from a clown, you can float above high structures with their help? Try it some time.

There are also some hints of dark humour to the vid with Holly getting mugged by some pesky thief. But Holly has strength as well as beauty so she kicks that dude’s ass big time! Definite girl power moment I think! Frank also experiences some near death experiences himself, narrowly avoiding a bus as well as walking passed a killer device on a building site by happily hopping atop a builder’s head. The one area where the video has to lose brownie points is the happy obliviousness of the two characters as they walk past scenes of crime, such as a woman being attacked outside her home, harkening back to Lily Allen’s LDN video. So not entirely original but not enough to destroy it completely.

So all in all, a delightful and quirky video that perfectly showcases Frankmusik’s talent and kooky fashion sense. The best part of the video is at the end when Frank and Holly come face to face at the top of a hill for a bit of tongue on tongue action! Lucky Frank! Or Holly if your otherways inclined. Apparently there seeing each other in real life too? Awww, so really it’s like a 3 minute musical rom-com. The best type in my opinion!




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