Franz Ferdinand: ‘No You Girls’ Single And Video Review

Song: No You Girls

Artist: Franz Ferdinand

Album: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Release Date: 3 April 2009 (IRL), 6 April 2009 (UK)

Genre: Indie pop, disco

Peak Position: 22 (UK), TBA (IRL)

After releasing the more darker first single Ulysess from their new album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, the band return to their comfort zone and the formula that made them big with second single No You Girls. As you’d expect, No You Girls is a disco rocker, in a similar vein to Take Me Out.

While no doubt catchy and fun to dance around to drunkedly at your local bar, this song just shows no progression from the band. There are far more innovative and interesting indie artists out there so this definitely won’t toppin any playlists anytime soon. While it’s good to see that Franz still have the ability to make a fun, up-tempo rocker without being to consumed in more serious or arty material, we’ve heard this kind of song already from the band as this is very, very like Take Me Out.

The video for No You Girls is essentially a band performance video in a bland studio setting. A bit of colour is added to the video with the appearance of a number of girls, all artfully dressed filming the band with camcorders while performing a number of elaborate dance moves.

The band do show some flickers of charisma in the video but it mainly involves lead singer Alex Kapranos staring wildy into space. On the bridge of the song, there is an interesting scene in which one of the female models mimics the singer’s falsetto and the lights are dimmed. However, to be honest the video just isn’t that memorable. You won’t remember much of it and it typically resembles many the indie band’s video.

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