Full-on Sookie Fever: The Extended True Blood Season 3 Trailer

Ten days. Ten days until Sookie Stackhouse and her freaky friends from Bon Temps return to screens in the US of A. We’re all pumped for the première of [[True Blood (TV Series)|True Blood]]’s third season.

So, without further ado, here’s the big, extended edition of the True Blood season three teaser trailer. Some of this stuff you’ll have already seen, but it’s cut together in a more tense, cinematic style and if your appetite was whetted before, it’ll be the whettedest(?) by the end of this clip. Lots of sex, fangs and screaming. Just the way we like it…

…and lots more Lafayette!


  1. Gerard McGarry

    Never worry – I see the premiere was held in the States the other night. Not on TV, just a big, glittering red carpet event for the actors. Another bit of hype to build up the excitement!

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