Gabriella Cilmi – On A Mission – Single & Video Review

If you dared to actually listen to Gabriella Cilmi’s album a couple of years ago, you’d know that there was more to Miss Cilmi than Sweet About Me.

I saw Gabriella performing this on the Just Dance for Sports Relief on Saturday night, and the song made me sit up and take notice. No, not just because of the futuristic (and tantalisingly short) silver dress she was wearing, but because the song was just fantastic.

Drawing from a ton of 70’s and 80’s disco references, On A Mission is a big fuzzy synth dance anthem. She vamps is up in some often ridiculous spacey costumes, but the video is perfect for this shameless pop track. I read on the BBC Chartblog a little bit of background to the song’s composition:

If the grown-ups wanted to try and butt in at this point, it might be to conclude that, yes, the verses really DO feature the bass line to ‘Stepping Out’ by Joe Jackson, with the chords from Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ played over the top. But by the time the speedy, bratty chorus rolls around, they’ll just be holding their ears and asking someone to turn it down

It must be said, I like this new direction for Gabriella. On A Mission just hits all the right spots for me, including that potentially cringeworthy rap in the middle! Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg from Cilmi’s second album and she’s got more top class pop to contribute!

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