Gabriella Cilmi’s new single Hearts Don’t Lie – Single review

Gabriella Cilmi releases the follow-up to her brilliant On A Mission on 7th June 2010. The new single is called Hearts Don’t Lie, and it’s the second track to be release from Cilmi’s new album Ten.

No official video for the track at the moment (at least in the UK), but Hearts Don’t Lie follows the same Xenomania genius that made the last single a smash hit. This one’s got a touch of funk bass, and a great disco beat. Clearly Gabriella’s intent on conquering dancefloors across the world with this new sound.

I do detect a similarity to Kylie in places, especially when Cilmi sings the “I need you baby now” line. That’s not a bad point of inspiration either, Kylie’s made herself a disco queen with some of her hits.

Time for some grumbles: the falsetto singing wears out its welcome about halfway through, and the hook isn’t quite as successful as On A Mission. But that’s it. Another great 70’s-inspired pop song, and I still love Gabriella’s new direction. Here’s hoping the video’s just as hot as the last one! I’ll update this with the official video when it’s released, but until then here’s an alternative version:

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  1. WelshSinger

    prefer her new album sound. sweet about me ..was a droany track that clung on for dear life and didnt disappear. i loved on a mission and this is sounding good too.

    she doesnt come across great in person though.

  2. RandomEnigma

    Official video premiered yesterday, Gerard. I’d get searching for it. Yeah, love the new direction Gabriella Cilmi is going in. Hard to believe she’s only 18, so so hot and mature looking and sounding.

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