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Doctor Who finale: Let's bash this out - The Name Of The Doctor. John Hurt. Impossible Clara.

Hey folks. Sorry I'm late with this Series 7 finale post, but I'm in the middle of my second viewing right now. Obviously John Hurt spinning round in the final moments of the episode and the caption "Introducing John Hurt as The Doctor" is an explosive revelation by any stretch of the imagination.

I'm just not sure about the rest of the episode. Not yet anyway. I feel like the Great Intelligence and the Whisper Men were hollow cyphers to move The Doctor to a certain place and time. I don't fully understand how the Great Intelligence needed to dive into The Doctor's time stream considering he was chasing down companions in several different time zones already - how was he moving between them with his Whisper Men?

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Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS - Episode discussion

It's that time of the week again, folks. I was out last night, so only caught Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS this afternoon.

In a nutshell: A space salvage crew snares the TARDIS, Clara gets lost somewhere inside, and The Doctor tricks the salvage guys into helping him find her. Oh, and there are weird scorched space-zombies lurking in the bowels of the time machine...

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Doctor Who: Do we really want to know the Doctor's name?

The series 7 finale of Doctor Who is to be called "The Name Of The Doctor". Steven Moffat is already hard at work teasing this episode, which will be the one which leads into the series' 50th anniversary episode.

Obviously Doctor Who has been the question baked right into the show's title since it began 50 years ago. The poster for the episode has a subtitle of "His secret revealed", but this is a Moffat show and we've been thrown red herrings in the past. Will Moffat really remove a key piece of the mystery that surrounds The Doctor?

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Continuum season 2: Episode 3 title and synopsis "Second Chances"

Another great time travel show that's recently come back to our screens is Canadian series Continuum. The show stars Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron, an enforcer from the future who is blasted back in time along with a group of futuristic terrorists intent on taking down the evil corporations who control the world in that time.

Season 2 continues with episode 3 - "Second Chances". And it looks like Liber8 are pressing hard with their terrorist agenda by recruiting street thugs. This ties in perfectly with what was said in the season premiere about the group infiltrating business, politics and the criminal underworld. Here's the synopsis:

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Doctor Who: Hide - episode discussion

Okay, I heard all your feedback on the other Doctor Who thread. But it seems ridiculous to have comments about a current episode on such an old thread, so I decided to create a thread here for Hide.

I've got to be upfront with you all though - I'm hating the current season of Doctor Who. I think the series has become nonsensical and it has strayed away from the heart and heroism of the Ecclestone/Tennant days. 

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Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan - Episode review

We finally bade farewell to erstwhile Doctor Who companions Rory Williams and Amy Pond this week in The Angels Take Manhattan. In fact, we bade farewell to Rory three times and Amy twice in an episode that squeezed in a bunch of character deaths!

The Angels Take Manhattan was perhaps one of Steven Moffat's better-written episodes since he took over as showrunner. For a start, he rebooted his Weeping Angels back to how they originally worked - sending their victims back in time and letting them "live to death" while feeding off the time displacement energy. None of the ridiculous neck snapping and voicebox hijacking of the truly awful Time Of Angels/Flesh And Stone two-parter.

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Doctor Who: Will Amy and Rory die in The Angels Take Manhattan, or does a worse fate await them?

The Angels Take Manhattan will be the final Doctor Who episode before Christmas. More importantly, it's due to be the last ever episode for erstwhile companions of the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. But while Steven Moffat has teased a tragic ending for the couple, the situation couldn't be as straightforward or as obvious as their deaths. Could it?

Let's recap: Moffat has said that their ending will be tragic. Not that they die, either one or both of them. Although Rory has got an unfortunate tendency to die from time to time, he's kind of bucked that trend recently. 

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Doctor Who: The (Largely Disappointing) Power Of Three review

I'd seen The Power Of Three about a week ago, just after watching the preview of the largely excellent A Town Called Mercy. Obviously I couldn't talk about the episode at that point, but after the clever dialogue and deep insights into The Doctor and his companions, The Power Of Three managed to miss the mark completely. 

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Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy - TV Review

Sheriff: "He says he wants to kill the alien doctor." Amy: "But that's you. Why would he want to kill you. Unless he's met you?"

The last time we played the Two Doctors storyline was back in the 2008 Christmas special, when David Morrisey appeared to be a future incarnation of The Doctor. In A Town Called Mercy, The Doctor's arrival triggers a case of mistaken identity: a cyborg gunslinger, hell-bent on revenge is tormenting the town, demanding the "alien doctor" be turned over to him to be killed.

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Discussion: Would you like Nefertiti or any other historical figure as a companion in Doctor Who?

So, Dinosaurs On A Spaceship featured Egyptian queen Nefertiti as one of The Doctor's new 'gang'. We've seen the Time Lord run into historical characters in the past: Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill. He's even had a variety of otherworldy companions - such as Adric, Leela and Romana.

The question is: would it be cool if The Doctor 'adopted' an historical figure for a certain amount of time, or even for a single series, as he did with Donna Noble? Could you see him going on adventures with someone straight out of the history books, poking fun at their achievements or well-documented quirks?

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