Getting an agent and auditions

I am new to this site but am looking for a little advice.

I am currently looking to find a manager or agent and dont know where to begin. I am based in the north west and unfortunately did not have the money to go to drama school but decided to go to university and study performing arts. We were not told how to go about networking and getting into that inner circle and eventually getting regular work on tour, west end or just simply on the caberet scene.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

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  1. zob

    Hello there there is a book called contacts you can get from spotlight in london  its diffucult with agents as the best ones are in london and unless you live in london they wont take you will have to see if there are any agents locally.

  2. Mena

    15 Jan 2012


    I would recommend that you join an online casting firm at the following website: 

  – Starnow offers basic free registration as well as upgraded paid registration.

    Another website that offers basic free registration as well as upgraded paid registration is:


    Good luck


    Mena Swift

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