Ghostbusters 3: Ivan Reitman on board to produce?

Almost exactly 20 years since the last Ghostbusters movie, and speculation about a third movie in the franchise is rife. The latest piece of gossip – seemingly confirmed – is that original Ghostbusters lynchpin, Ivan Reitman, is on board to produce the latest sequel.

According to Bloody Disgusting:

I have straight up confirmed, 100%, without a shadow of a doubt that Ivan Reitman, director of Ghost Busters and Ghostbusters II, is in fact attached to get behind the camera for Ghostbusters 3. While he’s attached, the word is that he hasn’t decided whether or not he really wants to direct, yet. So, yeah, is that news? But here’s a little something else we conjured up. Apparently, the sequel takes place when the paranormal researchers “reopen” their ghost removal service after it has been closed for quite a few years. As previously reported, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver have all confirmed their involvement (in various interviews on the web).

Other salacious details from /Film suggest that in addition to the original Ghostbusting foursome, the aging team will be joined by new recruits.

I have heard that Office / Year One scribes Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg have turned in a script… We’ve already heard that the film will introduce a new generation of Ghostbusters, who will be trained/mentored by the original crew.

Sounds like great fun. Me? I just can’t wait for the merchandising to roll out so I can buy myself a fake proton pack! Erm…I mean, buy my sons fake proton packs…

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