Ghostbusters theme tune – beatbox stylee!

Have you seen the new 118 advert that features Ray Parker Jr singing the Ghostbusters theme tune? The classic theme gets recycled by the man himself, with the best line being “I ain’t afraid of no goats”, as two goats wander out of the back of a delivery van.

Anyway, on the back of that version, a London collective has got together and redone the song again, except this time it’s beatbox style. Almost as entertaining as their beatboxing is, there’s also a perverse delight in watching the faces they pull!

But on a serious note, according to the video below, Ray Parker Jr heard the song and has invited the trio to perform it with him when he comes to London next.

Check out the beatboxers, who are part of the All From The Mouth group, from left to right in the video: Neil Thomas, Bellatrix and MC Zani. It’d be nice to see this as the start of a wave of 80’s theme remakes in a beatbox style. I’d like to hear the Thundercats tune done this way. Any other orders?

And here’s the group with Parker Jr actually performing this on the tube. Pretty good!

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