Gian Luca Loddo and Stephanie Powell leave So You Think You Can Dance 2011

Gian Luca Loddo and Stephanie Powell are the latest contestants to have been voted off So You Think You Can Dance.

The pair were thrust together when their respective partners were voted off last week. They put their faith in the cha cha to get them through this week, but in our liveblog, we thought Gian Luca and Stephanie’s performance was somewhat lacking.

The couple were in the bottom four with Rithy Periera and Shane Collard. Each dancer gave a final solo performance before the judges gave their verdict. Gian Luca’s routine was good, but Shane mopped the floor with an elegant and acrobatic routine that was just too graceful to ignore. Stephanie’s final solo was unimpressive, and couldn’t end soon enough for me. I thought Rithy showed a lot of attitude, but by the end of her solo it had descended into her merely thrusting her chest at the judges.

Summing up, Nigel Lythgoe said that only Shane Collard seemed to be actually fighting to stay in the competition. And to be fair, the other three were simply phoning in their performances. Stephanie’s bargain-basement stripper routine saw her getting booted off, while Rithy remains to fight for another week. And Nigel noted that both Stephanie and Gian Luca didn’t seem to be connecting with the audience at home.

I’m slightly surprised that Kirsty Swain and Lee Bridgman didn’t appear in the bottom two. And Israel’s hip-hop disaster show was a definite bottom two performance. Did you think the right couple went home tonight, or was there someone else who should have left?

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