Girlfri3nds: Is it worth a look?

The new itv2 show presented by Emma Willis, focuses on three young ladies who are looking for love. The three girls meet a potential 100 guys who could be the one and whittle them down till they have 6 potential dates each.  Is it worth watching?

Sarah, Amy and Laura have all been unlucky in love and have moved in together to search for the one. Sarah is a 29 year old single mum who was in a long term relationship before and is now looking for someone who is right for her and her son. Amy is a 23rd old lively girl who has a plan of when she expects to get married and have kids but she hasn’t met the right guy yet after falling for bad boys. Laura is a 25 year old who is very hard working and has put her job before a man. But now seeing her friends settling down, she has decided to look for a decent guy. The girls are very likable and all seem very down to earth, all up for helping each other and I think this is a good message for young girls. Emma is just there really to explain what’s going on and she visits the girls to see how they are doing once an episode. I don’t think she is really needed but i guess we need a narator to explain stuff.

The first and second episode focused on the girls meeting 100 different guys all hoping to impress one or more of the girls. It was a very interesting formula having the three girls together, all welcome to ask the guys whatever they wanted. The guys who came to meet the girls were all very different and thankfully the girls were very polite giving them nice reasons if they didn’t like him and didn’t want him to be part of her final 6. However, they sometimes did have a giggle afterwards if he did something strange or peculiar. A couple of the guys got a thumbs up from two of the girls and I wondered how they would deal with this but they didn’t seem to mind and were very positive about them both having dates with a guy. The first two episodes were very fun and I thought it was good having the 100 different guys.

When the girls got their final 6, it was time for them to go on their dates. The guys decided where to take their women and we had a variety of dates such as dancing, drinking and going on a boat. After spending time with the guy, if they felt chemistry then they would offer them another date, spending 12 hours with them at the mansion. The girls chose their final 4 each and the episode was quite good, sometimes it went a bit too quick and we didn’t really see the guys but it was still quite fun.

On Wednesday we saw the first 2 matches for each girl visit the house. The first 3 boys turned up and it seems a bit awkward that they would spend a lot of the time in pairs. However, this was quite realistic as the couples wouldn’t be spending all the time on their own in real life. Also it allowed the other girls to weigh up the other guys and also let them have a gossip. 12 hours seemed to go quite quick and after all feeling chemistry they invited those 3 on another date where they would go to their hometowns and meet their friends and family. The next 3 dates didn’t go quite as well. Laura’s was ok but she didn’t have as much chemistry with her chap as the one on the first date, who I’m sure she will choose. Amy’s actually didn’t bother turning up till half 7 so missed half of the day with her. After clearly seeing she had no space in his life due to work, it was a no for him. Sarah was very awkward with hers but she decided to give the cute butler another chance and promised to be more open next time.

This Wednesday we will see the other 4 guys go visit the girls and I’m looking forward to watching out for the chemistry this time. Girlfri3nds is a very fun programme with 3 very likable girls. You want their dates to go well and them to find love in the show. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next few dates progress and I hope they do another series.


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