Give me back my Lipstick Jungle!

Myself and the missus watched the last episode of [[Lipstick Jungle (TV Series)|Lipstick Jungle]] last night. Last ever episode? It’s not completely clear yet…there may be a lifeline.

Lipstick Jungle

For my part, I’m in mourning for the gorgeous [[Kim Raver]]. Possibly the sexiest woman on TV at the moment, and responsible for the funniest fake orgasm scene since Meg Ryan when her character had some form of clitoral botox (at least that’s how I remember it) and couldn’t sustain a taxi ride without getting turned on.

More importantly, why did we get fobbed off with that mournful montage at the end? Nico Reilly dumped by Griffen and confronted by a perpetually confused Kirby. And what’s going on with Victory Ford and Joe? Are they really going to go into seclusion together and damn the rest of the world? I reckon Kevin Arnold’s dad from the Wonder Years was right about Joe: he’s high maintenance and demands to be the sole focus.

We missed out on so much in that last episode. Did we want Nico to hook up with Griffen or have a passionate reunion with Kirby? Will Victory and Joe implode when the baby question inevitably comes up again? Will Joe get his fortune back or will he be publicly disgraced?

And turning to [[Brooke Shields]]’ character, Wendy (surely what Monica from Friends would morph into 10 years later?): Did she push her husband into the waiting arms of that homewrecker, Natasha Bedingfield? We had quite a giggle at hard-rockin’ Natasha’s appearances and the fawning references that were dropped into the script. “Oh, I had no idea Natasha was so popular in Connecticut. She’s such an amazing performer. Oh Natasha – I want to have your babies!” But surely scraggly composer Shane’s stab at independence was just gaining steam when they pulled the plug. An affair was inevitable, with his manager or possibly with Natasha herself? “Oh, Natasha, you’re amazing in bed. That was the same feeling of esctasy I got listening to your last album!”

Anyhow, now we’ll never know what Kirby’s eyebrow grooming routine was. I bet I wasn’t the only person baffled by the metric perfection of those, and I’m convinced he rocks a monobrow during the holidays.

Lipstick Jungle wasn’t without its detractors, but the “coveted demographic” the show is targetted at love it passionately. Almost as passionately as they love Natasha Bedingfield? More.

As a bloke, I shouldn’t be admitting to an addiction to Lipstick Jungle, but what can I say? Two extremely hot women: Kim Raver and Lindsay Price. (Brooke Shields’ character is just too high maintenance.) High-powered careers in the city: filmmaker, editor, fashion designer. Fickle partners, Nico getting landed with her husband’s girlfriend’s baby.

I don’t know. Where I could never warm to Sex And The City (also written by Candace Bushnell), Lipstick Jungle had a fun cast, and just seemed to be getting started. I just hope that the series gets the second chance that it deserves.

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