Glee – Ballad, S01E10, Episode review

It’s crushes all round in the tenth episode of [[Glee (TV Series)|Glee]] tonight – this ballad-themed episode has Schuester dealing with an unwanted crush from Rachel, Kurt helping Finn with ulterior motives.

And yes, tonight’s the night when Puck finally snaps and tells Mercedes that he is Quinn’s babydaddy and not Finn. Oops, did I spoil it for you? Well, there’s more to come…

As we’ve already said, Rachel Berry develops a schoolgirl crush on Will Schuester, which leads to some brilliant comedy and musical moments. First off, is when Schue’s wife Terri realises what’s going on an manipulates Rachel to come round and clean her house, reasoning to Schue that if she has to put up with perky, younger girls calling for him, then she should get something from it too.

Next, is the Don’t Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl medley that Will sings to Rachel as a hint for her to back off. Naturally, she interprets this in exactly the opposite way, but the swooning looks on Rachel and Emma Pillsbury’s faces are priceless.

Far and away the best plot development was Finn and Quinn’s revelation of the pregnancy to Mr & Mrs Fabray. And, of course, Puck’s loose lipped confession to Mercedes that he’s the real father of the baby. We’ve been waiting for both these revelations for weeks, and they didn’t disappoint. OK, the Fabrays didn’t disappoint.

Mummy Fabray clearly knew something was up when Quinn didn’t fit into her dress. But she chose to ignore it. However, when Finn comes round for a dinner with her parents, he chooses to sing (You’re) Having My Baby as a declaration of love and a revelation of the pregnancy rolled into one. Things take a nasty turn when Daddy Fabray turns cold and kicks Quinn out on the street (effectively forcing her to move in with Finn – nice one, Finn’s mum!). It’s a bitter moment for Quinn, whose life has clearly been peachy up to that point, and to be so decisively rejected by her father – I actually felt indignant and angry on her behalf.

Of course, this may have the effect of pushing the teen couple closer together as they have only themselves to rely on.

Puck’s confession was less satisfying – and I thought Mercedes’ reaction was unrealistic, telling him to shut up and let Quinn be happy with Finn. And why wouldn’t Puck have fought his corner against this unwanted advice? Maybe told her why Quinn would be better off with him instead of Finn?

Anyway, now we have a couple of weeks before the news of the real father filters out to the rest of the glee club, possibly via the rest of the school. Good episode though, with a good mix of story and song. And so good to see Jessalyn Gilsig back for an episode – although, interesting that Sue Sylvester was missing – is there only room for one bitch in each episode?

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