Glee: Olivia Newton-John teams up with Sue Sylvester

Coming up on [[Glee (TV Series)|Glee]]…in the forthcoming episode Bad Reputation, Sue Sylvester teams up with none other than the original Antipodean pop legend Olivia Newton-John. And no, they won’t be doing the obvious thing and rolling out a Grease theme!

According to what we’ve heard, Sue gets humiliated when a video of her doing Jazzercise. I’m speculating here, but is this how Principal Figgins gets his own back on Sylvester for blackmailing him? Hmm…

So, with evil Sue’s reputation on the line, Newton-John comes to the rescue. Jane Lynch, who plays everyone’s favourite evil cheerleading coach, says:

She gives me a call and says ‘Let’s remake the “Physical” video for a new generation. You’ve been humiliated, I was humiliated by my video, so let’s get out there and redeem ourselves.’”

After Sue’s remake of Madonna’s Vogue video, it seems she’s building up quite a pop video portfolio at the moment! An audio clip of the duet was leaked on YouTube, but has been withdrawn by the usual spoilsports.

Jane Lynch also paid tribute to Newton-John, talking about working with the actress/singer:

We had a little dance rehearsal and then we spent the whole day together. She’s just a wonderful woman, exactly the way you’d think she’d be.

Olivia Newton-John’s Glee performance will be in the episode Bad Reputation, which airs on 4th May 2010 in the US and about a week later in the UK.

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