Glee, Season 2 – Blame It On The Alcohol – Episode review

Oh, yawn. [[Glee (TV Series)|Glee]] takes on alcoholism in what might have been one of the most tedious and preachy episodes of the show ever.

Who’d have thought a full hour of the Glee kids pretending to be drunk would’ve been such un-entertaining viewing? Me, for a start.

When Glee gets preachy, it tends to explore the absolute extremes of a situation before predictably coming down on the side of moderation and common sense. In this case, the cast have a party during alcohol awareness week and get wildly hung over. Every cliche surrounding drunkenness is paraded out – from Finn giving Rachel the lowdown on drunken stereotypes to the pupils suffering hangovers the next day and then Will Schuester making an ill-advised drunken phone call.

Yawn, yawn, yawn. You can almost see the flowchart they made at the script meeting while brainstorming every permutation of alcolholism.

Rachel shares a kiss with Blaine during an alcohol-fueled game of spin the bottle. Which is enough to have him questioning his sexuality for about 20 minutes and Rachel to become overconfident enough to think she can turn him. Needless to say, this pushes Kurt into his ‘jealous stalker’ persona as The Berry moves in on his might-be future boyfriend.

There’s a rehash of an earlier gay-versus-straight theme when Kurt’s father objects to Blaine staying overnight. Kurt trots out the trite (and misguided) “You wouldn’t have a problem if Puckerman stayed overnight with Finn” line. When what Daddy Hummel was trying to say is that he’s uncomfortable with possible sexual partners staying overnight. He would have had a problem with a girl staying with Finn. Kurt’s big, gay chip on his shoulder can be quite annoying sometimes.

Schuester’s pointless storyline took him out on a rodeo night with Coach Beiste for some hard liquor and country songs. Which inevitably led to him making a drunken phone call – not to Emma as he imagined – but predictably to Sue Sylvester. Yawn. It would have been at least 20 times funnier if he’d woken up next to Coach Beiste the next morning. Seriously. But let’s not drag promiscuity into an episode centering around alcoholism.

The highlight of the episode was a K.E. Dollar Sign. Ha song – (that’s Ke$ha if you didn’t get Figgins’ pronounciation). As predicted by Quinn, New Directions’ assembly performances typically end in a riot. Not this time. This time Tik Tok ends in group vomitting as the energetic dance routine leads to Brittany throwing up on Rachel (yay!) and then Santana coughing up whatever vile gray liquid was supposed to be vomit.

Blame In On The Alcohol was simply not Glee at its strongest. Aside from a few humourous moments (the cellphone sequence in the McKinley High corridors was cute but obvious), this is the kind of episode that critics of the show can use to say that it’s overhyped – a lot. 

Next week: Schuester forces New Directions to wear purity rings after an outbreak of syphillis at McKinnley High.

Week after that: The Glee club try smoking. Finn catches lung cancer but luckily is cured by the end of the episode. Duly warned of the dangers of smoking, New Directions sign legally binding contracts stating they’ll never, ever smoke again.

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