Gossip Girl- 100th Episode!

Gossip Girl is currently in it’s fifth season and after a short break in the UK, we have had several dramatic episodes since it returned. Blair is set to marry Louis in the 100th episode tomorrow but will she go through with it?

America are several episodes ahead but here in the UK, we are preparing to see the big 100th episode. Since the show returned to itv2 back in Jan, we have been treated to several huge storylines including Nate taking over the New York post and Serena’s ‘cousin’ Charlie still lying that she is family and of course, Blair/Chuck/Dan/Lois love triangle.

Nate has definitely had more of a role this season with his relationship building up with Diana, the editor of the post. However, we soon learnt that she was being paid by Nate’s grandad and he soon put Nate in the top position. I’ve enjoyed seeing him playing a bigger part as he runs the paper and is honest with his stories. It’s also given Chase a more varied role as him and serena take down Gossip Girl. When the crash happened this season, we soon learnt that Blair and Chuck weren’t meant to be in the car and the crash was meant for Nate. During the last episode, we found out that Trip was the one who caused the accident and also Nate decided to run the post on his own after his grandfather’s controlling nature.

Serena has been busy with her new blog for Nate’s paper and hiding her true feelings from Dan. She has also been close to her ‘cousin’ Charlie who is still pretending to be a van der woodson. Although her ex was on her case, she still wanted to be part of the rich life. However, after the crash happened she has run off into the distance and we saw a glimpse of the real Charlie last week which will be very interesting.

Dan has been trying to become a brilliant author but everyone can’t get over Insider, which unfortunately was all about the New York residents. He also has been trying to get over Blair and is obvlious to Serena’s feelings for him. He has helped Blair since she lost the baby and her new church obsession.

Blair is obviously at the front of the show with her huge love triange with Lois and Chuck. We know how deep her feelings are for Chuck and although she was pregnant and engaged to Lois, she decided to go off with Chuck who she truely loves. However, the huge accident happened and she made a promise in the hospital that if Chuck survived she would stay away from him. So now poor Blair, who has had to get over losing her baby too, is set to marry Lois who couldn’t even write his own vows (we saw Dan receiving a thank you note). Serena and Dan know about this promise to God but they can’t convince her to change her mind.

Unfortunately poor Chuck doesn’t know this and he can’t understand why she doesn’t want to be with him and is going ahead with this facarde wedding to Lois.

So the 100th episode will be on tomorrow night and it will be a big one with the huge wedding and also Georgina returning. I think she will marry Lois but will live to regret it. It’s obvious her and Chuck are meant to be together. I also think that Serena and Dan won’t happen just yet but who knows in the future.

Also well done to Gossip Girl for 100 episodes. I still really enjoy the series and hope that they have many more. 

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