Gossip Girl- A Brand New Series!

Gossip Girl returned on Wednesday in the UK with a brand new series. All the main characters were back and it was quick to carry on with the stories that had started last series. Will this series be a success?

Gossip Girl has been successful over the last few years, after starting in 2007. The book series was developed and although the storylines haven’t stayed the same (Serena and Blair were always fighting over Nate and Chuck was a weird guy with a pet monkey!!) the characters were all there. I have read all the books and it definitely does feel like a different story entirely. Blair would of never looked at Chuck and Vanessa’s character was quite a feminist and had a shaved head, which is completely different to her character in the show that follows the crowd really. Now the show begins series 5, which is brilliant for a book series, which could have just had one series and failed miserably. Vanessa and Jenny have been written out, with Vanessa off abroad and Jenny at Boarding school.

Last series we saw Blair get together with her prince charming and he had asked her to marry him. After one last night of passion with Chuck, she agreed to marry her prince Louis and they went off together for the summer together. In the first episode we see her and Louis planning their wedding and Blair clashing with his mother. We also knew last episode we had seen a pregnancy test in the bathroom, which we had presumed, belonged to Blair. As the episode unfolded it developed that Blair hadn’t told anyone and at the end when she was trying on her dress for Vogue Paris, the dress fitter told her that she knew Blair was 6 weeks pregnant. This is definitely an interesting development for the character. There is definitely a possibility that Chuck is the father who would be the best and more interesting outcome although for Blair’s sake she will be wishing Louis is the dad!

Chuck and Nate had been travelling all summer and Chuck, trying to forget all about Blair, had decided to say Yes to everything. Even saying yes to a date where he was driving a motorbike at an excessive speed and he crashed which was not a surprise! At the end we saw that he had badly hurt his ribs after saying he was fine so it will be interesting to see how it develops.

Nate was trying to find himself after not knowing who he is anymore. Visiting a celeb party, he pretended to be the host and ended up in bed with a glamorous woman (Liz Hurley!). Afterwards she announced she was actually the owner of the house but we now know there’s more to her than meets the eye after making a call to someone saying it had started. I don’t know how these people end up with so many people hating them and always plotting against them!

Serena had been working on a film set after meeting the director last episode She was enjoying her job but was trying to be more involved although her supervisor didn’t let her, after feeling jealous of her getting the job. After he tricked her into giving the main actor ‘medical weed’, she nearly got fired but at the end of the episode she was offered a full time job so it will be interesting to see how it develops. Also we saw her see her ‘cousin’ Ivy who ended up in a sticky situation and walking off with Serena. We obviously know she isn’t her cousin so will Serena find out…

Finally Dan was stricken when Vanessa published his private book. The story which was based on Blair Waldof and his obvious love for her was seen sold by Vanessa last series, however Dan just knew a Chapter was appearing in the newspaper. Having to get Louis to help he managed to stop it printing in there, however a confrontation with Blair showed his true feelings for her which is interesting and also at the end he received a cheque so he realised the book has been released.

This series is set to be amazing!

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