Gossip Girl- The End Is Here!

The Upper East Side and its slightly crazy residents grace our screens for the last time on Tuesday (or tomorrow in the US). Blair, Chuck, Serena, Nate and Dan will end their stories and maybe go their separate ways. The show has been very successful and has managed sixth amazing series.

Gossip Girl (based on the book series by Cecily von Ziegesar and I really mean based. Some of the characters don’t even exist in her books) began in 2007 when the cast were really at the start of their careers and we were introduced to Blair, Chuck, Serena, Nate, Dan, Lilly and Rufus.  The characters were at high school and this was the best time of the show. We also had crazy Jenny played by Taylor Momsen and also Vanessa, Dan’s best mate and Eric, Serena’s brother who have both gone on to leave the show since. The first couple of series were very unique and we got to love the characters.

My favourite character Blair who was with Nate at the start of the show was the Queen B running the school with her cling on’s. Her character developed as we saw a softer side as she began to fall in love with Chuck and their on/off romance has been very popular over the last few series. She also got married to a prince although that didn’t work out well. She has finally grown up taking over her mother’s fashion line although she likes a good plan and scheme still. I hope she finds some peace with Chuck in the last episode and with rumours there might be a little boy in the flash forward, she might get her happy ending with a child with chuck. Leighton Meester played by Blair has a successful singing career and also acting so it will be interesting which way she goes.  

Chuck has been one of my favourite characters after really disliking him in the book, he is a warm and loveable guy. After being a ladies man in the first series, we have seen him fall in love with Blair and even go to propose in an earlier series. We saw him having to cope with his dad’s ‘death’ and taking over the businesses. He is a lovely guy deep down and the most interesting and clever out of the gang. This series saw him focus more on getting power back from his dad which led to his attempted murder and the eventual killing of his dad. Whether he goes to prison will be interesting but I hope he manages to FINALLY get a happy ending after struggling to find love from any of his family. Ed Westwick will have a successful acting career, I’m sure,  after seeing him in several good films.

Serena is one of the most frustrating but fun characters. A lost soul, she returned in the first series and managed to settle back into school although she had an up and down relationship with Blair. She began dating Dan and she was the most settled when dating him. After him she lost herself, got involved with many different guys and different jobs. This series has seen her trying to figure out what she wants and I’m hoping she will find love with Dan. I definitely liked her character more in the book as I think they weren’t sure how to deal with her in this. I still really like Blake Lively as an actress and I look forward to seeing her in more films.

Nate has been quite a ladies man in the different series. He was more of a bad boy in the book who wouldn’t settle down but this is the opposite in the show. He always seems to get with weird and crazy girls who he would like to settle down with but end up being weird and crazy . He has had more of a storyline since he took over the paper and I liked his storyline with Diana. He will ultimately be the one who figures out who Gossip Girl is so that’s quite interesting. I hope in the flash forward see him with a successful career and with a nice girl. I really like Chase Crawford and hope he does well.

Dan has gone through the biggest change in the show. I really liked his character in the first couple of series and he seemed like a very down to earth guy. However, over the last two series, he has become obsessed with becoming one of them and has hurt all of his friends in the process. He seemed quite happy dating Blair but after she left him for Chuck he has turned into a mess. We’ve seen him suddenly decide he is in love with Serena so it will be interesting if he gets a good ending.  I also really like Penn Badgley and look forward to his future movies.

Other important characters have included Serena’s mum Lilly. She has gone through bad and good times in the film, falling in love with Bart Bass and then falling for Rufus. She has a very nasty streak and is determined that her family must have a good reputation and she really cares about what people think. Her relationship with her mother who died last series and her sister has been quite interesting. Hopefully her and Rufus might have a relationship in the future and she concentrates on being a good mum. Rufus was a very lovable character at the start and it was a shame when he got with Lilly although they were happy for a while. He is a better dad to his kids and I liked his relationship with Dan and Jenny. His relationship with Ivy was a bit barmy this series but I’m glad he saw what she was really like and I hope he also finds some happiness. Jenny was a fun character who had a huge part in the book.

 It’s a shame Taylor decided to leave as they could of done a lot more with her. Also Vanessa was a strong independent character in the book but she turned in the show and wanted to be one in the ‘in’ crowd. Again it’s a shame they didn’t’ do more with her. Also Eric was quite interesting, especially with his depression and coming out as gay. I know the actor had to leave but it was a shame as It was nice to see his relationship with Serena. Ivy has been an interesting character. Pretending to be Serena’s cousin and then managing to secure Lilly’s inheritance was some of her highlights. This series she has managed to fall for Serena’s dad who will ultimately leave her high and dry as he obviously doesn’t love her. I also love Dorota as Blair’s ‘maid’ who tries to keep her on the straight and narrow. She brings some comedy to the show and sometimes manages to put her foot in it. It will be funny if she was Gossip Girl. Georgina has also stood out as a brilliant character managing to create scandal and she loves a good gossip. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was gossip girl to be honest. She has brought some humour and some great scandal to the show and it wouldn’t have been the same without her and her nonsense. Bart Bass brought some fun to this last series but I wish they hadn’t brought him back from the dead as it just didn’t seem to fit. His relationship with Chuck was very entertaining and his death in the last episode was hilarious especially the music. He was a very good character

So it will be interesting to see how the final pans out especially with the reveal of Gossip Girl. The books never told us which I think would be better but they want to go with it.  I think Georgina will be Gossip Girl but will have to wait and see. I hope it’s not Dan as I think that would ruin things. I can’t wait to see the flash forwards and the rumoured weddings.

So goodbye to xoxo Gossip Girl! I will miss Blair and Chuck especially and I wish all the actors and actresses good luck.


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