Gossip Girl- Will Blair get her prince?

Gossip Girl is a hit TV show that airs on ITV 2. The show focuses on the lives and dilemmas of a group who live in the upper east of New York. The series is now in its fourth series and the show is still as popular as ever.

The TV series is based on the popular books by Cecily Von Ziegesar and first was shown in 2007. The stories mainly focus on characters Blair Waldolf played by Leighton Meester, Serena played by Blake Lively, Nate played by Chase Crawford, Chuck played by Ed Westwick and Dan played by Penn Badgley.

Many of the characters have had relationships with each other during the show (and off screen too relationships have occurred including Blake and Penn, who have previously been in a long term relationship) and the drama focuses on their rich lives in New York.

After a short break the series returned and we soon found answers to the cliffhangers from last series. The ‘kiss’ between Blair and Dan was founded to be nothing although Dan has feelings for Blair and I think deep down she has feelings for him. We also have seen Serena’s mother Lilly facing her punishment, which is house arrest for falsely accusing her teacher of having a relationship with her years ago.

New stories have also begun including Serena’s cousin Charlie who has hidden depths I believe, who is staying with the family. We have seen her growing close to Dan and even betraying his friend Vanessa to get close to him. It will be interesting to see how this will develop

Chuck also has had to deal with the idea of his dad not being the great man he thought he was (although you would of thought he’d know that already) by learning about the death of Rania Thorpe’s mother. Turns out she had an affair with Chuck’s dad and when she ended it she mysteriously disappeared in a hotel fire.

This is even harder when Nate is currently dating Rania who went out with Chuck in the last series. He’s also still trying to get his ex Blair back, but she has new plans with Prince Louis. Louis is the French prince who she met when her and Serena visited France at the start of the series has come to New York and he has told her he needs to get engaged before he can get to the throne. In the last episode we saw him propose to Blair although his family disapproved.

So will Blair end up with prince Louis or get back with the love of her life Chuck? Also what will happen with Charlie? Will she get with Dan and cause even more trouble for Serena.

I can’t wait to find out


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