Got To Dance 2011: Audition show 2 – Gingerbread Man, Mini Moonwalker and Damhsa Dreams!

Welcome to part 2 of tonight’s Got To Dance coverage, where we see Gingerbread Men, the one-billionth Michael Jackson act to be on a reality TV show, brilliant contemporary dance acts and Bhangra-tinged street dance! Let’s not hang around, first up are…


Hey! Jack’s in this dance crew! Who’s Jack? No idea mate, but I think he was on this last year. Still, this young crew has a lot of personality and energy – dressed in school uniforms and pigtails, they deliver a frenzied, fun routine for the judges…and get three gold stars for their trouble!

Ashley Banjo describes it as “an eruption of energy”, and praises how far Jack has come since last year. Do you remember Jack? Let me know in the comments please!

Sean and Stacey

Ah! This had all the potential to be a disaster, with all Sean’s talk of being the underdogs, but from the moment these two take the stage, they deliver a wonderful contemporary routine. It’s expressive, romantic and graceful and rightfully has onlookers in tears. Beautiful stuff!

Three gold stars from the judges – Adam Garcia raves about them, calling Sean a powerful dancer and Kimberley says she loved everything about it. The word perfect is thrown about like confetti. Adam later confides that he almost cried too.

Theo McKenzie-Hayton

Whether this kid can dance or not, doesn’t really matter. He’s decked out in an elaborate white and blue Michael Jackson costume courtesy of his mother. Now, Michael Jackson impersonators are a dime a dozen these days, but wee Theo does a great job with Smooth Criminal. Startlingly, he only gets one gold star from Ashley Banjo.

Ashley’s outraged at the other two, but Kimberley is adamant that he needed to do more moves. Adam relents and gives him a gold star. Then Davina saves the day by telling them that the whole routine was freestyled. And Kimberley’s star suddenly changes colour!

Back 2 Back

This dance crew mix street dance with Bhangra influences. I love this kind of thing, but it’s very difficult to get right and keep the routine interesting. Again, great music picks, and if you didn’t smile when they did Queen’s Bicycle Race, then you need to check your facial muscles. These guys gave a fun routine. Adam Garcia tells them that it’s the blend of Bhangra and street dance that sets them apart.

Mark Gordon – The Gingerbread Man

I already like this guy from his VT – he tells us that he’s created a character of The Gingerbread Man through his dancing. He’s goofy and slightly geeky, but he looks like fun. It takes him a second to really get into his act, but when he does, it clownish, entertaining and hilarious. His facial expressions are entertaining enough on their own, but he’s clearly impressing Ashley Banjo!

Shockingly he only gets one gold star – from Ashley. He compliments Mark’s showmanship and personality. Even more shockingly, despite fighting his corner, neither Adam or Kimberley changes their mind to allow Mark to go through to the next stage! Argh! He was brilliant!

Tom Sargeant

What? We’re back with Tom Sargeant again? I thought he was rejected. He is! But here’s the kicker – Adam Garcia is travelling to his home to give him a Got To Dance bursary to support dance lessons for him. That’s amazing. Nice touch, Sky One. Nice touch.

Siobhan aka Damhsa Dreams

It’s not often we see Irish dancing on these shows, and it’s hard to judge how good little Siobhan is compared with other Irish dancers her age. The judges seem to think she’s talented enough though – they give her a full three stars. Kimberley raves about the girl’s energy and presence and Adam…well, Adam gets a hug from Siobhan’s mother!

That’s clever auditioning – send your daughter in, then come out onto the stage and request a hug. I may try the same thing next year with Kimberey.

More Got To Dance auditions next week, everybody. Come back and see us then, and don’t forget to join our dance group to get updates on shows like Got To Dance!

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