Alexandra is gone tweeting mad!

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2008's X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, is gone tweeting mad on the internet. She landed in the USA two weeks ago to begin recording her debut album and has been documenting her progress via her twitter account. She has so far met and worked with Jay-Z, Timbaland, Stargate and Beyonce. I can sense the excitement she must have felt as she had to twitter straight away:

"Oh my GOD I just met Beyonce AGAIN!! And this time i didn't cry!! She listened to my songs!! My heart is racing! x"

Alexandra started recording her album in the famous "Roc The Mic" studios in New York, co-owned by Jay-Z. She has since moved onto Los Angeles and by the sounds of things is really getting used to the LA life:

"The weather is too good out here!"

Simon Cowell has even stated in a recent interview that Alexandra can be "just as big as Leona". Here's hoping!! Alexandra truly does have the talent and personality to carry her through, so good luck in making the debut album, Alex. I know it's going to be great!

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If you're not already following Alexandra on twitter, here is her official twitter account

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Love it! Another person to

Love it! Another person to follow, at this rate I'm going to be quite the celebrity stalker :)