Is Eoghan Quigg blasting his fans with his new single?

Eoghan Quigg is on the threshold of releasing his first single, a bizarre song which seems to exclusively comdemn social media users.

Or is it the songwriters' lame attempt to score some relevance by name dropping MySpace and Facebook?

The lyrics accuse devotees of these sites of being pasty-faced losers: witness the lyrics "does your snow-white skin ever see the sunshine?" Then he launches into a blast about those sites all being a waste of time. I'm totally scandalised! How does a teenager go about ripping the crap out of social media users?

Let's face it, Eoghan made good use of Bebo to help him progress through X Factor. This Bebo fan page has almost 20,000 fans. Only another 8,000 friends before Eoghan officially thinks everybody on Bebo is a tosser! Oh, what a stupid mistake - to let a 17 year old sing a song about how Internet users are shit. A very Victor Meldrew thing to do.

Now, here's an interesting thing: his official Bebo page has over 20,000 'friends', but his official MySpace only has 46 as I write this. Now, is that why he mentions MySpace and not Bebo?

What do you think?

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gerard dont take it so

gerard dont take it so personally.

we all know, facebook, myspace, etc etc are the 'in' things right now.

he's using that fact to reach his target audience, i dont think its an insult or a p**s -take of internet users in general at all , if you look abit deeper into the lyrics, it seems to me he's trying to make his way into the life of someone he deeply wants to spend time with but cant because that person prefers to be an internet socialiser.

maybe im wrong but thats how i see it.

personally i think the song is perfect for him,

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i think its okay

its just a bit hollow. its like the foundations of the song are there...

 the verses are short...and meaningless...but i know thats kind of the vibe hes going for

im not sure of it.  ill have to make my mind up another time lol

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Oh, I'm not taking it

Oh, I'm not taking it personally at all! Despite spending 20 out of 24 hours a day on the internet!

I'm with Scott on this one, I'm going to have to listen to the song a bit more and decide if I like it. So far my feeling is that it lacks much content. I quite like how they've styled him in the video though and he's the first X Factor singer in a long time to release a single so soon after the show ended.

So, I'm sorry (for once) if my criticism offended - I actually applaud Eoghan for getting a release while the X Factor tour is still in full flight! He's broken tradition in that respect.

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yeah its for mothers day.

simon allowed him to release it, off the contract because he admitted that he would get forgotten about. His single/album i think is out just in timefor mothers day haha.

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his album is actually out on

his album is actually out on the 6th april, which is after the tour has finished, but its available for preorder at the momant on

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I'm interviewing Eoghan by telephone on Thursday afternoon - I'll make sure to ask him about the whole thing!

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interviewing or terrorising him, mr mcgarry?

you be nice you hear me! lol


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Eoghan Quigg Is Sexii :P

Eoghan Quigg s New Song Is Leathal Best Song Going :PCant Wait Till His Album Comes Out ;)He Is The Sex =]Love Him <3Rachel :Dx O x O x O x O x