oh boys, you know i love you, right?, which is why i know i can safely say this without offending. im a tad bit disappointed. i love love love the song, the moves, the look, the little flashes of man flesh its all going on, but i feel just a incy wincy tiny bit deflated by the video as a whole, it's clear to see heart, soul ,blood and sweat has all been put in to it and by god its a damn good song, but the simplicity of the video is somewhat confusing as it seems to me as if it was, pardon the phrase, 'done on the cheap'.

i dont know what i expected for the video, but just maybe a little bit more than what it is. Having said that, it is probably just due to my own personal beleif of the boys and what they can do that expects the creme d'la creme from them and knows they are more than capable of acheiving massive hit records and worldwide status. i did love the little dance off they have toward the end, and after seeing JB's moves there he is now most definately officially for me the lovelable and funny 'carlton' from fresh prince re-incarnated. lol, i love you man! keep the dicky bow pleeeaaasseee.

i take absolutely nothing away form jls, hey they didnt direct and produce the video, and after all you dont buy the single to watch the video you buy it to hear a damn good stonking tune.......and that is most definately what we'v got! anyone else's thoughts, greatly appreciated.......im sure theres plenty who disagree. i even tried to disagree with myself over this lol. .

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Lynsday, I've gotta

Lynsday, I've gotta respectfully disagree with you on this one - I loved the video. OK, maybe it wasn't quite as daring as you might have wanted, but the boys looked great (*cough* in a manly way), and each member of the group got some good video time, which was good, because up until now they've mostly focussed on Aston.

Ultimately, it's a fun video, they worked in a backflip or two, and the choreography was great. I think their female fans are going to enjoy this one! In fact, it might remind people that Aston isn't the only eye candy in the group!

I don't know whether it's your enthusiasm for the group, Lyndsay, or the simple fact that they've made a great R&B song, but I genuinely love this. Next time you're in contact, pass on my best wishes, because I LOVE JLS (*cough*, in a manly way).

Is it possible that JLS will be taking the G4 route - the runners-up who became more popular than the X Factor winner? We'll have to wait for Alexandra Burke to release something new, but it'll have to be brilliant to beat this (and she still has to prove that she's not Beyonce-lite).

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No I agree with Lyndsay

Yup there is great choreography in the video and all members get plenty of screen time and I'm sure women (and Gerard *cough* in a manly way of course) will love this video but it does look very cheaply done. This premiered on T4, am I right? It actually looks like a T4 performance rather than a full blown debut video! It is a great song though and I think they will be very successful!

Hmmm, I think Alexandra will be very successful though! She is working with Akon, RedOne and all the top US producers. And a hell of a lot of promo will go into trying to make her megastar you mark my words!

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OK, it's a fair cop, the video does look cheaply done in that regard! Still, they do that shaky ground thing whenever their feet stamp down, in a Thong Song stylee!

As for Alexandra, she's entering a very crowded market of female singers, and some interesting, unconventional acts like Gaga and Katy Perry, and I wonder if there's room for her. I really hope they don't market her as a frickin' diva though, we don't need another Mariah. In fact, I don't think we need the one we have...

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Haha what's the Thong Style? Yes, I agree we don't need another diva. Then there would be too much similarity between herself and Leona.

Yes, you're right the female market is very crowded and absolutely full to the brim of R&B artists. But the thing is despite how crowded this market is, I reckon Alexandra is going to have plenty of promotion behind her and all these R&B singers just sell like hotcakes!

Alexandra is also working with Akon and no doubt they'll do a collaboration together and it seems that these days anything with Akon behind it is chart gold!

I don't agree with it but that's how things seem to be going in the music industry these days!

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erm excuse me

please dont overshadow my boys with too much talk of alex!!! lol

gerard you have surprised me with your declaration of man love.......welcome to the world of great taste. lol

i will certainly pass on your thoughts and regards to the boys and yes lets hope they can folow and even excel what g4 acheived.

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Oops haha sorry for overshadowing JLS there!

Do you know the guys?

I think it's great that your promoting them like this!:)

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i do my best for them. they deserve it.

they'r lovely genuine lads.....and talented too!

yeah i catch up with them from time to time.

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i lve the song and dance

i lve the song and dance moves

lve u jls

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i love JLS

I LOVE THIS SONG ITS AMAZING..Aston i think ur so sweet and im a major fan .. i think ur dancing is awsome and me being a dance student i can see how much effort you put in.. (: i love all you boys cos ur just awsome at what you do.. im coming to see you on the 19th.. so i really hope i get to meet you.. that would be awsome :D i love you aston.... :) xxxxxxxxx love tasha xxxxxxxxxxx

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1,2 Step

Is it just me or does this song have the same beat a 1,2 step by Ciara?!?!?

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1,2 Step

actually yeah it might have the same beat... i think your right.. and as for the whole convo at the top of the page.. me and my friends were chattin about this and yeah we agree.. it does look cheep but who cares.... the boys look fine and they sound great and thats all that matters really aint it?

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I love the song it has a great beat to it and the dance moves are wicked! Lol and dnt get me started on d outfits nd the looks :P lol i loved the thong style dance with the foot part like in sisqos video..luv jls wohoo!

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they look gay

okay these guys are trying to be turned into some sort of backstreet boy band but they are not..the dance moves look gay because they are clearly not natural dancers... its all too westlife for me :/ and it don't work for black guys, especially this band that is meant tobe WOW.boyybands are OUT... song is good but video is straight up whack :/ and homo :/

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Go away

While I do think the dance moves are a little Backstreet Boys myself and do hope they don't go down the sickly '90s boy band route, why don't you take your racism and homophobia elsewhere Teccara.

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I love my jls boys, i have supported them from the beginning, i was initially a lil bit disappointed with the video at first, but the more i watch the more i love it. Its definitely a grower. JB has been my favourite but i have since started seeing a guy who kinna looks like marvin (his body) so needless to say i am beginning to adore marvin's body case it reminds of me of my boo lol. Cant wait for the single to come out. Lets try and push these guys to Number 1.

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ii lovee it

omgg ii loveee JLS && ii lovee dis song =] ..

wtf iis rong wiit dah viideo lyk??

they came runner-ups in the x-factor coz they are really talented singers,,

not dancers!!

lyk it wud b worse if they just stood in the one spot for the whole video!!

ii apsolutly loveeee jls && mii wall is actually covered with them!!,,

expecially aston;) !!

anywayy ii lovee JLS && if JLS are readiin dis--beat again is briliant && ye''r soo hot!!