JLS - (pre X Factor.) vibing ' shy of the cool'

'shy of the cool' is an original track from the JLS boys. This video is what they posted themselves on youtube just over a year ago.(They were called U.F.O back then which stood for unique famous outragous)
i think this shows thier talent immensely and shows that they can actually ALL sing, contrary to what some critics have said. i love Oritse's input into this and we see more of JB's range too
so, if their upcoming album and soon to be released single is anything like this, well boy do we have a huge new phenomenam coming our way.
JLS are definately one of the most popular acts from the last XF series and the amount in sales of their merchandise prove the fan base is well and truly there, so when their new single is released in april (which coincides with the end of their tour with lemar) we are sure to be looking at a number 1 hit.
will 'shy to the cool' be the song they release? we'l just have to wait and see,
one thing i can tell you though is that they have been in the studio a number of times in-between the arena gigs,they'v been working tremendously hardand this is one of the songs that has been recorded, but there are also other possibilities.........

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Original material?

Wow Lyndsay, this is original JLS writing? Now that's what I'm talking about - this is good!

Remember when we talked about JLS's styling during X Factor and Louis trying to turn them into Westlife 2? This is cool, urban and modern - just what I expected from these guys. There are a few less than perfect bits in it, but overall, I'm impressed - precisely why I'd have been happy for JLS to win.

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you just gotta love it!

yes there are a few bum notes here and there but this is pure jamming/vibing (whatever you want to call it) and it was also over a year ago, as we know they'v had masses of vocal coaching and performance experience since then , so im really excited about the possibilities of what the new single will bring.

this is just what we need in the uk right now

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When you compare this to

When you compare this to Eoghan's latest offering....well there is no comparison.


I hope their new album is along these lines...if it is they'll be sure to have a hit!

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luv jls all da way brapp

cant wait 4 single deffo buyin

dey said on dere diary its gonna be hot n sexy

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quality tune-ljs r awsome

this is an awsome song...bin listening to it ldz on youtube n i love it!!! hope everyone else does 2. lets make jls n.o 1!!!!!