Primeval - S03E06 - Turkey sandwiches for the next three weeks

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Things are going from bad to worse for the ARC team: Lester's been deposed by his ex-girlfriend, Abby's brother is trying to sell her pet dinosaur, and the team are in hiding in an ancient safe house in a forest somewhere.

On the positive side, Sarah and Connor finally worked out what the artefact does - it's an anomaly predictor with an impressive light show attached. Neato. Unfortunately it's not much use since the team are now refugees from their former employers.

 But what do you do when you're stuck in the safe house with nothing to do? Well, you dress up in 1920's apparel and dance to whatever record is in the grammaphone. Except Sarah, who dresses up but pores over an old diary they find there. And then a bizarre big turkey dinosaur appears and chases Danny Quinn. I swear I've seen an episode of Scooby Doo where the exact same thing happens!

Connor crashes the car and we instantly fear for the new hot character. But Sarah's alive. Phew. Abby's alive. Double phew. But Connor's unconscious. Unfortunately, geek boy wakes up eventually, and discovers Quinn hiding in a tree above him.

Quinn's cunning plan involves using Connor as bait and a big steel rope to catch the birdosaurus. They eventually snare the critter, but Sarah and Abby (complete with ripped-look dresses) wander into a field of the damned things! It's like the farming version of Jurassic Park.

Unfortunately, our heroes end up trapped in a feeble wooden house, under attack from C-Rex (Chickasaurus Rex). Danny does his action man bit and tries to wire-walk across to a hut and play a record to distract them. Meanwhile Connor tries to help him out by attraching the critters' attention. Too much to hope for that he gets pecked to death, a very convenient anomaly appears in the hut beside Danny. He broadcasts bird calls to them and they race toward the building, disappearing back to their own time. Sighs of relief all round...

Back at the ARC, Christine is still in charge...but not for long. Lester walks in and reveals that the minister has now been appraised of her comments (made earlier to Becker and recorded by him). Oopsie! She leaves with her tail between her legs, but not without the usual villainess threat that "it's not over". Yikes. And so everything returns to abnormal.

What will happen when Abby discovers her brother sold her dinosaur on eBay though? Awesome episode - had traces of The Village with the secure forest area keeping the creatures in and the aforementioned episode of Scooby Doo where Mystery Inc tried to outrun gigantic turkeys in the Mystery Machine.

But please, can we have no more rip-offs of that Mission: Impossible sequence on TV ever again? That's the second one I've seen in as many weeks.

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A good night for this too! And at least the tv bosses gave me time for a loo break and to make a cuppa between this and RH!