Primeval - S03E07 - A List of Things

Just some thoughts and possible discussion points for this week's Primeval:

1) When Sarah was talking to the knight by his grave and talking about 'fate and destiny' and all that I kind of really wanted something to happen to him to see what would happen to the words written in stone because if there's something this show rakes over a lot it's that the past and future can change and even the course of evolution isn't a fixed thing. Or was that the point or it and I missed it entirely?

2) Sarah dressing up as a medieval clothing and going through the anomoly to research - how cool is she?! I think Sarah's a pretty ace character. And I was thinking about her in relation to another discussion on Shout at the moment. I think Sarah's a good role model. She's smart, sexy and doesn't follow orders if she think she's doing what's right. What annoys me is Danny's treatment of her - he's overprotective to the point where it's nauseating, he's constantly trying to touch her or has his arm around her and I find myself wanting to scream 'just leave her alone'. And this bothers me because I really like Danny, I just wish he'd realise how good Sarah is and let her be.

3) Danny backflipping of the wall! His classical education! Oh Danny, you have hiddens depths and I love you. I feel so fickle having seemingly got over Nick Cutter so easily but I was watching it at points and just thinking 'Danny Quinn is so badass'. I truly believe he could take out a G-Rex with his shoelace.

4) What was with Connor and 'his army' at the end? Seriously it looked like a bad 90s rapvideo or something. I expected Becker and his 'homies' to start beat bopping.

5) Abby was also great in this episode. Saving the dracorex! Risking her life for the dracorex! Wanting to keep the dracorex! Also her shoes were great. Abby - another good role model?

6) Where's Helen?

7) Becker still surprises me everytime he pops up on screen, I don't know why. I just think he's still kind of redundant. But I did like his interactions with Abby this week (last week I liked it when he and Danny were looking for secret cameras in Lester's office and I thought 'oh that's like something Nick Cutter and oh-so-pretty-but-oh-so-stupid Stephen would have done, in the good old days'). And failing in the strawberries! Becker, you suck.  What is Becker's first name?

The preview for next week's show looked brilliant too. I was a bit worried last week because it occured to me that if it were either of the past two series then it'd be over by now and not a lot seems to have happening in terms of overlying arcs - it all seems to be very monster-of-the-week which it wasn't before but now it's winning me round and I am enjoying it and I'm sure there are bits in there they're working up to using.

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