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With their own blood and sweat the boys are working extremely hard on set of the video for their debut single 'BEAT AGAIN' And from what i'v seen everything is just so 'right' about it and such a far cry from anything louis walsh would'v dreamt up. 

To go with the awesome single, they'v got the moves, they'v got the look - we will excuse the gorgeous JB's 'carlton-from-fresh-prince-of-bel-air' dicky bow and tank top as he actually pulls it off very well - and they have the professionalism of a group thats been doing it for years. As they continue to keep the fans in the loop with their daily tweets, myspace blogs and facebook status updates, these boys can only go one place and thats straight to the number 1 slot........and thoroughly deserved too. well done guys.

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Yeah I'd shudder to think what would happen to them if they were under the managment of Louis Walsh or Simon Cowell. We'd have basically another carbon copy of Westlife and Boyzone whereas Beat Again sounds fresh, urban and something that will definitely chart!

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i agree

and not a stool nor long white coats anywhere to be seen.

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Beat again is a fantasic song

Beat again is a fantasic song anybody at any age , any time and any where would listen to it. I hope they earn alot for their carrer and I hope their song gets really far in the charts.

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I really love da song love da boys 2 xxxxx