X Factor Auditons Cardiff - 25th April 2009

X Factor Fan Group! X Factor audiitons are well underway for 2009. Manchester was covered last week and this weekend it's Cardiff's turn.

We have hundreds of auditionees over on our forum preparing for their chance to appear on one of the UK's largest TV shows. We'd love to hear about all your experiences this weekend, who got through, what you sang etc. Feel free to comment below or start your own blog. Pictures and video clips are always welcome!

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At Cardiff auditions

What can i say.

Today at auditions drained me. I got up at 5, i was at the stadium at half 7, then qued with THOUSANDS for 2 hours in the freezing cold and rain. Did some filming of the crowd cheering for about 3 hours, Dermot arrived, more cheering, then at about half 11 we were let into the staduim. MORE filming and strange silent cheering, waited again, and i think at about half 12 or 1 auditions started.

It was awful, there were loads small square things at the front so everyone around can hear you, with the so called music experts from Sony records and the show's producers. i got seen to at half 2, i got asked name, age, what im going to sing and told in your own time. Sitting like a metre away from me was a very deluded and bored looking man, he wouldnt even look at me, or any of the other contestants when they sang.

i was told "its a no" which is fair enough i didnt expect to go through with my nerves. But it really made me angry that people in front of me who i overheard had amazing voices and were told a no, and i seen alot of people with no talent at all running out screaming with golden tickets.

Iv'e read blogs like this before last year, and i thought they were exaggerating. Now ive seen for myself, and i wont be going back next year. =/

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Cardiff Auditions

Had a similar experience to the above really, I drove from devon the night before, and started queuing at 2am!! excessive i know, but we weren't the fist people there! In all queued for 9 hours, the action all started around 8am as promised, and we were outside until 10.30-11.00 ish, then filed in like sheep into the stadium and filmed doing more of this stupid silent cheering! also, would like to know if anyone else thought the guy telling everyone what to do was TOTALLY Unnecessary? I thought he was really odd. Might just be sounding a bit bitter, but i know I can sing, i'm not a mental, and was really gutted to get a no. It was an interesting insight into what you see on telly not being half of what happens! All a bit of a fake, and although it may just be a coincedence but people were coming out of my booth in a yes, no, yes no order!!

Bit gutted really,, but i Woudnt go for it again!!

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has anyone heard yet ?

has anyone who got through to the third auditions in cardiff heard back from them yet ???

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No :(

No I haven't heard yet either but I htink they let you know either way so we should get a letter soon. It's 3 weeks on Sunday though and they said it would be 2-3 weeks :( It seems like such a long time!!!!!

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X factor Scott Rayson

I was lucky enough to get through all the Cardiff 2009 auditions but I have had no reply about the next auditions...has anybody else?

Scott Rayson.

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me either!

I haven't heard anything still! I heard a rumour that there was delays as somany people auditioned. apparently if u get thru u get a phone call, if it's a no u get a letter!

Anyone else heard yet?


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me neither!

I haven't heard anything and time's ticking on!

I heard a rumour that there has been delays as so many auditioned!

Apparently those who get thru will get a phonecall & those who get a no will have a letter!

Anyone else heard either way??



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So please please can some peeps that auditioned tell me what groups made it to the stage where there waitin for a phone call??! i love xfactor and i want a group to win this year (they never have) and support some1 early before there famous!! whoop whoop!! xx

Jill XXX

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x.factor aditions 2009

hey. i was at cardiff auditions from 7am til 6pm it was a long and tiering day but when it was actualy my turn to go into the booth and sing i was actualy suprised that i had a yes. i got through all 3 auditions i  was ment to go and sing in front of simon cowell and tha  but i missed the audition by like a  day as i was coming home from holiday the same day the auditions were happening.  im very gutted like but ill re-audition again in 2010 and maybe well hopefully ill get yes again. x