X Factor Auditons Glasgow Hampden Park - 9th May 2009

X Factor auditions moved to Glasgow today and the clip below shows one of the talented (?) people who showed up.

Word is that the day went well up until about 10.30am when the skies opened and everyone got drenched. I bet that was the point that Dermot O'Leary was swiftly whisked to his luxury Winnebago!

One of our forum members has recorded his experiences of the day here and we'd love to hear yours too.

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Worst day of my life basically! Only good thing about standing in the rain for 6 hours, waiting in the freezing cold for another 2 hours and eventually giving up is the fact we got to meet dermot!

Me and my flatmate were almost reduced to tears how cold we were and how long we had to wait....eventually at 4 oclock after being there since 7, we gave up after noticing the que was not going down at all so we would have probably still been there late at night! Even if i stayed, there is no way i could have sang as i was shaking and my teeth chattering with the cold - impossible!


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You had the right idea giving

You had the right idea giving up!  I was there from 7am and finally got seen at 5pm!  By that time i was so cold that it was physically impossible to sing properly from all the shaking.  I don't think they choose people based on their singing ability anyway - its all purely who will be good on telly.  I bet there were tons of people there that got through because they were terrible at the expense of those who could actually sing.  The only people they are interested in are the ones who seem to have some sort of mental problem so they can exploit them for so called entertainment.  They could have let us into the stadium straight away but they just wanted their telly shots - they couldn't have cared less that there were actually people taken away in an ambulance wrapped in tin foil because they were so cold.  The whole thing was a total disgrace and the organisers should be ashamed of themselves.  I am aware its tough getting anywhere these days but surely people have a right to be treated like human beings.

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x factor 2009

me and my daughter were there since 5.15am and although it was a horrible day,weather etc, it was worth waiting for as she got through and we went back the next day and got through on the first audition then and we now have to wait two weeks to find out if she gets an audition with simon. if you really want something you'll do what it takes!!!

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I hate the X Factor audition

I got my audition letter for the x factor for saturday 9th may @ hampden park i was so excited. I had everything planned the nite before and on saturday i left my house @ 6.30 n got there for 7am. Thought to myself standing in the cold for just an hour would be worth it, but wot a joke. Eventually after waiting for 5 hours in the pouring rain n freezing cold i eventually gave up. I dont agree with these auditions why give people numbers and tell them to be there for a certain time to stand n do nothing? They dont even take u by number so wots the point in that its first come first served how unfair. I think you have more of a chance of getting auditioned for Britians got talent. Get your organisers to do a better job next time n stop telling people lies.

I would never audition for this show again wot a waste of time n energy

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Looking for the Irish girl and her mum!

I was in the queue with a girl from Ireland and her mum. I was with my sister and my cousin and her little son. I would like to get in contact with them again if possible never got the chance to get an email address as we were all seperated when we got into the stadium but i would like to hear from them. If this is you please send me a message on bebo bebo.com/kaotic_weegie Cheers

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hamden auditions

I met this mother and daughter from ireland too, big slim girl ? iam afriad she did not make the red ticket stage to see the producers, on sunday she never made it.

i did hope you did.

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Looking for the Irish girl and her mum!

I was at the auditions and me, my sister, my cousin and her son were qeued up with an irish girl and her mum. I would like to get in contact with them. The girl had an aqua blue brolly which was used to navigate me back to the queue after i left it for the toilet lol. There was a tall man holding it. She was wearing a blue, thin jacket and i gave her my grey jacket with blue skinny jeans and ballet pumps on. Not the weather for that outfit but never mind lol . Her mum was wearing a red or purple jacket not sure. Anyway if you know these people i would really like to get in contact with them. i can be contacted at bebo user i.d is kaotic_weegie.



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waiting and waiting

It's 3 weeks today when i was told i will find out if im going to the celeb judges or not. no letter no phone call the wait is driving me mad. still don't understand why there was 2 auditions gold ticket the 1st one red ticket the second. then 1to1 interview with a producer. then filmed in an audition for sony music producers. who decides if your going on tv show producers or sony music producers. anyway good luck for those who is in the same boat as me.



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Absolute SHAMBLES !

It was the most ridiculous unorganised event i have ever been to ....  they treat u like numbers and all they want are the links for making the show look good when it airs ....  we all queued for hours in the rain and freezing cold and eventually were let in like animals to the stadium ....  and it was even colder in there .... and then  " more links "  for the show .... after waiting for 12 hours, it was so sad to hear the young kids come out of tiny little "toilet like" cubicles where they sang with people outside listening .... and then told No in a not very nice manner and next words were  " take your ticket number off "  and go.  

It's a disgrace to treat people in this way ....  the only place to get any heat was in the toilets where most were putting their hands into hot water in the basins to try and get feeling back in their fingers  ( it was close to getting frostbite )  and people had to take off shoes and socks and dry them under the hand dryers to get some kind of heat back in their toes and feet ....  the only person who seemed "normal" was Dermot  ....  very down to earth guy .... I will never look at these shows in the same way .... they are so fake and not natural at all. Some people i met had travelled overnight from Ireland and other places ....  even the Scottish people were ashamed of this "event" 

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wating on thee phone call :O

hey guys my names nicole i went to my audition got threw to the third round with the producers and then they said i have to wate for them to phone me in two weeks to say if im thew to simon and the rest of the judges anyone eles in this position??

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waiting on the lucky call

yes i was there and oerserveered the whole horrible day but got through saterdays judges, then sundays producers, worth the hassle very enduring, just waiting for the call to meet simon and co so as they can say by by haha, you never now. good luck.  oh i was the rod stewart look-a-like, see you at final.

good luck.  alex

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x factor waiting

yes, the same with me, endured the horrible day but perseveered and got through to sunday and got through the producers too, just wait for the call for simon and co to dump me out haha, you never know, ooh i was the rod stewart look-a-like,

good luck see you with the celebs.

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hey its me! the kid with the red top and the hat!

add me on msn if you like and we can discuss our x factor journey!

still waitin on that l;ucky phone call or letter lol


mail me on jamesmin@live.co.uk thanks you!!

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Your hair is AH-MAZING by the

Your hair is AH-MAZING by the way!

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OMG! Tell me about it!

I soooo wanted to just give up!

I was soo cold, i was shivering non stop, my sister was wanting to get me an emergency blanket, to get me heated up again!

It was actually the coldest i have EVER felt in my life!

I dont think ill do that ever again!

If its a nice day then maybe, but that was a joke!

They were too busy trying to get the right TV shots that they left us there like animals, while they were all nice and warm!

Totally not cool!

Not to mention i never got in so that was the last straw lol!


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We got through!! :)

hey all, My band NotSoDiva from glasgow, got the call last night to say we are meeting the celeb judges and goin through to the next round!!! we are sooo excited! let us know who else got throug! :D

Laurie and the NotSoDiva gals! xx

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The suspension is killing me!!

It's not even been two weeks since my audition but i cant bear the thought of waiting longer than two weeks..... :(. Will the groups find out first ?? Because why havn't solo people from Cardiff/Manchester and Birmingham etc been contacted yet, cos the glasgow auditions were last?!!? its so confusing!! lol...but exciting too :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

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glasgow will be seen first

Hi the reason glasgow people have started to be told is because the auditions are taking place there first so they have to find out a few weeks in advance.  The glasgow people are being seen by judges on 8th june,so there first in line before anyone from english auditions! Dont worry if you havn't heard o.k?

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Waiting Game

I too suffered the cold and the rain in Glasgow... I have to say that it was a surreal experience!!!  Unfortunatley I didn't get through and my dreams of superstardom are now crushed :-) 

The whole experience was a total eye opener and after 9 hours waiting I suddenly realised that I do not really want to be famous I just like singing (which is probably sad!!)

One thing I would say is that it is very disconcerting singing your heart out to somebody 3 feet away from you hearing about 16 other voices..... on top of this singing a love song to a bloke is not inspiring :-)

Good luck to all those who go through!!!!!!!!!!

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Any phone call back yet to solo singers

Hi there, posting from ireland has any solo singer from the glasgow auditions  got the phone-call yet for the call back and are they def. being held in glasgow on June 8th.   The best of luck to you all mx


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Some people have their's on

Some people have their's on the 8th of June ( a girl group have theirs on that date), but i dunno :S I auditoned in Glasgow as well...waiting for a call/letter too. Its a nailbiting time waiting to hear isnt it!?!?

I heard one girl who is 18 got through but other than that I havnt heard of any other soloists...sooooooo its gonna be looooonnnng week :S but best of luck to you :) x

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I Gotta call saying im shortlisted last wednesday and that they wud phnoe back and tell em this week a definite answer :)

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Noooooo :(

Do you think the hope is all over for us glasgow auditionees without a phone call?? :(

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the shortlisted guy/girl... have you heard?? that did they say....

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They aint phoned backk chances are slimm noww :(

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Soaked through

Wow those who get through good luck to u all, l was there also but unfortunately never got through, l was cold to the bone and not making excuses but the booths were too close together and like someone else said people waiting could see u singing and hear u and everyone else over lapping each other. I know l can sing as l have recorded a record while in Memphis yearlier this year,its a country number,  if anyone wants to listen, its on youtube promote yourself under Cheralyn, enjoy, let me know what u think. Might try out next year, not sure tho, our daughter will be 16 by then and she wants to try out, she is very good so might go with her and give it another try :-)

Good luck guys, let us all know who all gets through :-) X


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my audition clashed with the girls aloud concert =[

unfortunately i couldnt go to my audition as i had my girls aloud date the same day...but by the sounds of things it wasnt a very pleasant experience anyway, good luck to everyone tomorrow...i might pop up to try to see cheryl =] ilh lol

is it at hampden nd at wat time?

gooood luckkkk every1 =D xx

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Cardiff callbacks, they tell

Cardiff callbacks, they tell me im shortlisted so what its the chance

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INHUMANE is the only word i can say about that experience ......... 

Doesn't Mr. Cowell know what people go through ?  He is bound to know .....( being the producer ) but actually doesn't CARE ....  Well, i hope he realises that "his" show will not last for too many years ahead as so many people realise that humans are treated worse than animals at these auditions  ( if u could call it that ) 

 And Mr. Cowell is supposedly a dog lover ?    What a joke !    Time u woke up Mr. Cowell and LOOKED at what happens at these "events"  ....  No wonder u say in the press that u are depressed !   Take a look at real people and real life.