so as the tour has now kicked into full swing, the finalists take a well earned rest day today before heading up the m1 to the steel city of sheffield tomorrow.

im lucky enough to be in attendance at the hallam fm arena tomorrow evening and most excited i am too. its quite fair to say im overjoyed.

not only is the thought of possibly catching up with some of the finalists for a brief chat filling me with fizz, the buzz surrounding this years tour is practically causing me to  pop my cork. such anticipation of seeing them live on stage in such a massive arena i can hardly contain my bubbles.

when i think back to the rainy bank holiday in london when we stood outside the O2 , absolutely soaked to the bone, waiting in line with the JLS boys i feel privelaged to have been there at the very beginning, and the journey that all the contestants have made over time is somewhat inspirational.

the last time i saw them all live on stage together was at the compact fountain studios when they perfomed hero for the first time on the x factor live show. With an average studio audience of less than 1000 it is quite modest in comparison to the 10's of thousand's who'l be packing in at sheffield tomorrow and seen as this time i wont be watching through the 2" thick glass of the itv2 xtra factor studio window with the production crew and some rather large easy to fall over rolling camera runs around me ,i might just actually be able to let my hair down and swing my britchers (have a dance - for you young un's)

i have a particular interest in seeing the rejected auditionees performance - cant think why? and the fantastic support act 'signature' , last years  B.G.T runners up should definately get the crowd in the mood.

as a lady out on a solo night out it is going to be quite strange not to have the hubby by my side, but hey there are just some things a girl as gotta do. All in the name of blogging , honestly. theres no pleasure in it at all, just pure work work work. Thats my excuse and im sticking to it.

so check back in a couple of days, and the full rundown with some happy snappy pics and (fingers crossed) a few interviews with the finalists will be posted here.

anyone else with any news, reviews or pics of this years tour please feel free to add them right here for us all to enjoy.




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Lyndsey I am so so excited to

Lyndsey I am so so excited to hear about how tonight went for you!!!! Feed back soon!!!

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on tue, 03/03/2009 - 23.37

well round about the time you posted the above coment lisa i was sat in swanky hotel bar with drink in my hand (eventhough it was only diet coke) chatting to alexandra burke......it safe to say it went well.xx